10 Ways to Make the Vikings Stadium Successful

It looks like Minnesota will have a new Vikings Stadium and we will live to bleed the purple and gold another day. After the success of the Twins Stadium I hope Minnesota will be as successful with the new Vikings Stadium. Our teams suck at winning but we sure do have fun going to the games.


Here is my list of 10 ways to make the Vikings Stadium successful:

1. A good view. There is nothing like taking a look up during a lull in the game to see a beautiful skyline.

2. Local food/beer. The Twins go this one right, not only does it support local business it brings in foodies. Has anyone tried the new Surly IPA at Target Field? It’s magical!

3.Good Music/Entertainment. There is nothing like a good music to bring people together. It is very important at games to have the right playlist.  Also, if they can bring in musical acts during the off season it makes it more profitable.

4. Enough room to talegate. It looks like a lot of fun! food trucks anyone?

5. Clean Bathrooms. It sounds simple, but there is nothing worse than being at an event with dirty bathrooms.

6. A few Cheaper tickets. Wow tickets are expensive. It would be great if they could have a few sections with reasonable prices so that it would be easy on the budget to go to a game once a year.

7. Traditions. Coming up with a few “new” traditions for the stadium is a must. It brings people together and makes people want to come back. (Bring back the real Viking guy as a mascot as well at games). Kiss cam?

8. Unique Seating options. A beer deck would be great!

9. Sweet Decorations. How cool is the sign at Target Field that has the two twin guys shaking hands when they score?

10. A team that helps not hurts the community. With all the scandals that are going on in the professional athletic world I wish that Minnesota would hold our athletes to a higher standard. No more sex boat trips… please.

I have had some very positive experiences with the Vikings Cheerleaders and Chad Greenway at events. They truly cared about meeting people. I will always be a Greenway fan!


Now, who do I have to get in touch with to get this done? Call me Vikes.






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