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Restaurant Week MN Summer 2012

If you don’t have plans tonight. Do what I am doing. Go out and eat at a fabulous restaurant for MSPMAG’s Restaurant Week. Check out my post later this week to find out where I went for Summer Restaurant Week.

If you have not participated in Restaurant Week yet, try one of the restaurants on the list from July 8th-13th. This list will have the name of the Restaurant the menu they will have for Restaurant Week and a place to click on to make reservations on Open Table.

Quick Hint: If you have not signed up for Open Table, do it, now. It is a free and easy way to make reservations at many restaurants in Minnesota. They also do a point thing and keep track of places that you like. If you travel, especially to places with a great foodie scene, Open Table can be a great place to make reservations (a little more in advance then we do in Minnesota)

When you get to the restaurant, all you need to do is let them know you will be ordering off the restaurant week menu. It is that simple.

Check out one of my favorite Restaurant Week places: Cafe Lurcat (you can’t go wrong), Vincent (get the surf and turf), HauteDish is new on the list this time around and they have a lot of items to choose from, and last but not least Saffron (the blue prawns). The Capital Grille is good for those who like meat, meat, and more meat

Lunch: Vincent (best ambiance for a quiet lunch) go for the poached eggs. 

You can see my previous posts on past Restaurant Weeks HERE. They will be a good indication of what places do Restaurant Week right.

I don’t think all the restaurants on the Restaurant Week list are a “good deal” take a look at their normal menu and see their prices and also check reviews from people like me. Restaurant Week is a chance to try those restaurants that you normally could not afford to go to. I think that places that also do fun and unique items are worth it as well.

I am still bummed not to see La Belle Vie on the list. One place in the Twin Cities I have not been to because of the cost, even though I am sure it is worth every penny.

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Because I am Hungry.



MN Restaurant Week- Cafe Lurcat

I was right! Cafe Lurcat is a must for #mnrestaurantweek. If you haven’t been yet you have until Friday to try their restaurant week menu.

If you don’t know what restaurant week is: check out www.mspmag.com. They have lists of the restaurants participating, the menus, and links to get a reservation. Most lunches are $10-15 while dinners are usually $30.

Thank you Cafe Lurcat for a great meal. Great food, good service, and a wonderful view.I even got some entertainment from the handsy couple next to us.  There was nothing left on my plate for any of the courses. Thanks to the suggestion from our waiter Aaron I believe I ordered the best of the menu. The portions sizes were normal with enough to share with those at your table.

The hits were the Apple Chive and Cheese salad. It was fresh, clean, and so simple. The pot roast. It fell apart with a fork and had a wonderful red wine sauce. The best part of it for me was the carrots, if I knew how to cook them that way I would eat carrots for every meal. Other menu items I tried were the crab cake which was for the hearty and the barramundi which was light with a crunch with the added hazelnuts both were good but I was not in the mood for them.

On many restaurant week menus I have been disappointed with the desserts. That was not the case last night. I had a date cake with candied nuts. It was fantastic. One of the best desserts I have had in awhile. The hot sauce and nuts really put it over the edge. The chocolate cake was pretty good too. Not too rich or bitter.

The only thing that I would have changed was the weather. For those of you going there tonight. They do have valet parking for $8.00. It is a must for weather like this because the valets will meet you at the car with an umbrella.

Let me know what you think of Cafe Lurcat’s #mnrestaurantweek menu @mplsgossipgirl

Because a great meal can warm the heart.


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