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Crave Rooftop Happy Hour

If it ever stops raining… the Crave rooftop has an excellent happy hour.

Grab your sunglasses and cute sundress and check out the hotties who heat up this patio. Seriously, the crowd here is always good looking. I would recommend coming a bit dressed up but not wearing shoes that are hard to walk up stairs in. You have about 3-4 flights to walk up.

After a long day at work or a beautiful day walking around Minneapolis head over to Crave and try a few items off the extensive happy hour menu. If you like sushi, this is the place for you, they have many options to try including the Philly roll, and tuna roll.  It is not the best sushi I have ever had and they do these weird sculpture with the veggies on some of the rolls that is unnecessary, but, when it is hot it hits the spot. I also saw some ladies enjoying  burger sliders and steak bites and they seemed to like them. I went for a few of the fresher items on the menu. Try the edamame, it has a saltiness to the outside and tastes great with beer.

It was busy on a Tuesday night which is a great sign that people like this happy hour. Get there early.

*Beware the menu they list on the website as their happy hour menu has items that are not included on the menu on the rooftop.

My only wish is that they would add a few more beers to their tap list. They do have Lift Bridge which is the best on the tap list.

because it is a pretty view of the city.


I do have to add a little bit to this post. I decided to share this place with some friends and CLIENTS, after a Twins game. After seeing people on the rooftop having a good time we wanted to get up there and join. When we got inside they told us we couldn’t go up there since they didn’t have servers.

But, we could sit in the bar downstairs. It ruined my experience and was awkward for the clients. PLEASE use common sense move severs from downstairs which was empty to upstairs instead of telling us we couldn’t go up there. Also, we would have been happy waiting up there if you gave us some peanuts or something to hold us over. You ruined the flow of my meeting and you lost a ton of business from us.

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Urban Assault Ride

Check out this post on Cycle Twin Cities about the Urban Assault Ride on June 10th. You and a teammate will compete bike to check points where you will have to complete a challenge.  Sort of like the Amazing Race on bikes.  Although, I don’t think they will have you go skydiving or climb a building. There are prizes and the cost is only $100 until this Saturday then goes up to $120.

I am not sure if I have the skillz to participate, but if you do, give it a try. Plusm there is beer at the end of the race. You can’t really go wrong there.


(Thanks for the correction! The cost is now updated so that it is correct:))



Time to go Retro. If you love fashion and especially if you love Retro Fashion this event is a must. RetroRama at the Minnesota History Center happening this Thursday, May 24th at 7:30-11:00PM.

This years theme is a match up between Politics and Fashion so come in your best retro-wear, prohibition era gangster or 60’s era civil rights the choice is yours. There will be a fashion show, shopping, blingo, and an after party at the Amsterdam Bar.

It looks like a whole lot of fun!

Tickets are only 15 dollars and they will be selling a few at the door.  Otherwise you can get them online here:


Because you need to play dress-up once in awhile.




Dining in the Dark

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to try and eat your dinner without seeing it? Well, if that sounds appetizing or appe-teasing to you, you have a chance to try it out this Wednesday, May 23rd, at The Marquette Hotel.

The Foundation Fighting Blindness is hosting Dining in the Dark to give foodies the unique experience to drown out the sense of sight at the dining table. They will have to rely on their sense of touch and taste for the meal.  The event runs from 6-9PM and tickets start at $250. You may also want to put the blindfold on when you write the check for the meal as well…

More information can be found here:

Because it’s fun to try something new.


Loring Kitchen

Did you know that Loring Kitchen has a new Happy Hour?  It’s from 2-6PM and 9-Close daily.

Since they had this new happy hour I decided to see what it was all about. I have been before and had horrible service. Seriously…HORRIBLE. Let’s just say one time I was there the power went out and we didn’t see our server for 30 minutes. They didn’t tell us this was going on. They asked us to leave.  I vowed never to go back.

But, since it is a neighborhood place, the outdoor seating is great, a new happy hour, and I was so hungry that I didn’t want to walk into downtown I made the mistake of trying it again. I really want to like it.

I should start off by saying that it is never the food. All the food that I have had there has been good. I like the steak salad which is on the happy hour menu, the pizzas are good, and the veggies are always done correctly. I won’t speak about what I had this time but, it was very good.

The beer, wine and other drinks are a great deal during happy hour. I ask you why on beautiful day the place isn’t packed?

The reason why I dislike this place and why I think people don’t go here is that the service is bad. bad. bad. This time the power was not out but we were not greeted by a server for over 20 minutes. We were finally greeted not by a server but by someone who looked like the manager. She could see the frustration on our faces and took our Happy hour order. We arrived with about 30 minutes of Happy Hour left but by the time this manager took our order there was only about 5+ minutes left.

The bad service kept going with the whole flow of the meal. It took awhile to get the food it took longer to get the check. Overall, it was another let down. It bothers me most because I know how great this space is and this is what is holding it back from being a really nice restaurant to go to and bring other people to have a great dinner.

So, I beg of you, Loring Kitchen please please please work on your service and timing. Otherwise you are going to keep losing customers like me.

because good service can make the meal.


Have you had good experiences there? Have you had similar ones? Let me know..

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GrillFest @MNMO

You know it is the start of summer when you fire up the grill for the first time. This past Saturday, I attended GrillFest which was put on by the lovely folks of Minnesota Monthly in downtown Minneapolis. This was the first time that they put on this event and hopefully it will not be the last because I think it will only grow in popularity over the years.  Let me tell you, this was a great way to spend a leisurely Saturday afternoon, food, wine, beer, and interesting presenters.

This event goes to benefit Minnesota Public Radio, so if you are a fan this is a great way to support the station and get to eat really great food at the same time.

Here are some of the Hits:

1. The Burger from Macys. Holy Crap… that was a delicious burger. A pretzel bun with blue cheese, onions, burger perfectly cooked and a whole lot of love made this the best thing I ate that day.

2. The Jerk Chicken. Yum. I had a roommate once from Trinidad and she would have liked this jerk chicken. It gave that slow burn that you look for.  Plus the guys serving it were awesome as well. They are new in the market and they were seeing if people other then themselves liked it. I did.

3. Surly. Need I say more.  They had their Bitter on tap and well, I could have stood by that booth all day and hung out with the roller girls.

4. Captain Ken’s Baked Beans. Made locally, these beans are really great. You can even find them at Kowalski’s in the frozen food section.

5. Schell’s Brewery. Zommerfest. Thank goodness someone is making a summer beer without all that fruit in it. It is a lighter beer perfect for a hot day.

6. My South African friends with the Boerewors. I miss the wonderful meats that they have in South Africa and it was so nice to be brought back by the meat you were serving! Thanks to Von Hansen’s meat market for making it special for the event. I can’t wait to have my own Braai.

7. Local foods section. They had the Jelly’s that are delicious on meat. Also, a new simple syrup that was very good as well. I would have bought it if I didn’t have to lug it home and yes you should start to sell it in stores. It was good.

8. Tents in-case it started to rain.

9. Dr. BBQ. What a guy. I learned some helpful tips and I was entertained by his witty nature and jokes. Who knew to put in apple juice? Not this girl.

10.  A speaker system that worked even though it was really windy.

11. Great Location. Easy to get from light rail to the parking lot as well as on bus routes.

12.A great crowd. Even some local celebrities. (Jason Matheson)

Some of the Misses:

1. Lack of seating and tables. COME ON. SERIOUSLY. Please supply these for your events. It is very uncomfortable to try and eat while holding your drink and multitude of other items. Its awkward and my satisfaction with the event would go up 100% if I could have set my drink on a table while I ate.

2. Better food trucks with more options. The food truck I ate at was not good.  I tried it because I hadn’t had it before and the person taking orders was raving about the food.  It was not a gyro, and that curry had curry powder that was not good. Hint hint: the food truck I ate at took all of my coupons and my partners coupons even though the sign said just one per item……. I thought I would be able to try one other truck as well. I think I may have been tricked….

Also, the food trucks could have done food that was not grilled more fresh food as a change from all the other food being served. There were a lot of shredded pork sandwiches. I want to eat what your food truck does really well.

3. Would have liked to see more more competitions. Just for fun.

The hits definitely outweighed the misses at this event. You really can go wrong when you are eating good food and drinking good beer and wine.  I will bring a few friends along next year to enjoy the event as well. Keep on keeping on Minnesota Monthly and if you ever need someone to help with your events…. hire me.

because there is something in that BBQ sauce.


If you were there as well,  let me know what you think!

Bully- my response to recent events in Minnesota.

After hearing the story of Rachel of Mantorville, Minnesota and reading the Rolling Stone article, ” One Town’s War on Gay Teens”  I cannot imagine what it would be like to grow up right now. I can not imagine finding a text message that calls me a slut or being called a fat dyke to my face and what it would feel like to endure that every single day. My deepest sympathies go out to her family and anyone that has lost someone due to the words and actions of others.

As you can tell, most of my posts are lighthearted, silly, and fun… this one is not quite like that.  Bullying is a topic that I feel passionately about. I have witnessed first-hand the damage that words can do over a lifetime. Bullying is also completely preventable and hinders a feeling of community. After all, my goal with my blog is to bring people together.

I am not going to try and explain nor give a reason why I think that this is happening. But, only offer hope and advice to those who are being bullied, it does get better. There is no age that I can pin point or event in my life that I can say at that exact moment it got better, it did. Some days are good others are not and there will always be people out there that want to tear you down instead of build you up. Some weeks that turn into months feels like everyone wants to tear you down. Keep your head up. One day you will want to smile and going through those days/weeks/months are worth it for that one smile.

I found it is easier to get past the words and actions of others when I am authentically and truly myself. Don’t apologize, you are you and the real you will find people who make life enjoyable and fun, you will attract them. It doesn’t happen right away and the best way to find new people who love the true you is to try something new, take a class, join a group, and find something that makes you happy. Make your own fun.  People love people who love themselves.

Not all adults get it. They don’t understand anymore how it feels to feel the way you do. But, they all want to help you and make it better even if they don’t know what to do and don’t always do the right thing. It is scary for them too. There are some adults that do get it. Seek them out, these adults will be people you will look up to for the rest of your life.

Do your best to surround yourself with people who are kind and love you for who you are. Those are the people that I leaned on when I needed a pick me up. They will be there when you need them. When I was younger, these people who became my best friends did not always do what was kind but they did care about me. Now I couldn’t and wouldn’t replace them. I also hurt them. You get older and learn what being a friend means, and still you will make mistakes, but when it really matters they will be there for you and you will be there for them, for the highs and lows.

I wish I could tell you that bullying ends and that bully’s grow out of it, but they don’t and it doesn’t. As you get older it takes on new forms and they still create feelings of inadequacy. People can be cruel. But, once you are older you will have found ways to deal with these situations and although it hurts, you are smart enough to come up with a solution or smart enough to know to go to someone else for help. Get a mentor, find someone to look up to, because you will always need advice about something.

Life is really hard but it can also be very rewarding, give it a chance. It gets better.

One day you will be fabulous, even if today you don’t feel that way. Keep your head up, make your own fun, and be you.

Because there is only one you in this universe.


Let me know what you think. Leave me comments or email me at

10 Ways to Make the Vikings Stadium Successful

It looks like Minnesota will have a new Vikings Stadium and we will live to bleed the purple and gold another day. After the success of the Twins Stadium I hope Minnesota will be as successful with the new Vikings Stadium. Our teams suck at winning but we sure do have fun going to the games.


Here is my list of 10 ways to make the Vikings Stadium successful:

1. A good view. There is nothing like taking a look up during a lull in the game to see a beautiful skyline.

2. Local food/beer. The Twins go this one right, not only does it support local business it brings in foodies. Has anyone tried the new Surly IPA at Target Field? It’s magical!

3.Good Music/Entertainment. There is nothing like a good music to bring people together. It is very important at games to have the right playlist.  Also, if they can bring in musical acts during the off season it makes it more profitable.

4. Enough room to talegate. It looks like a lot of fun! food trucks anyone?

5. Clean Bathrooms. It sounds simple, but there is nothing worse than being at an event with dirty bathrooms.

6. A few Cheaper tickets. Wow tickets are expensive. It would be great if they could have a few sections with reasonable prices so that it would be easy on the budget to go to a game once a year.

7. Traditions. Coming up with a few “new” traditions for the stadium is a must. It brings people together and makes people want to come back. (Bring back the real Viking guy as a mascot as well at games). Kiss cam?

8. Unique Seating options. A beer deck would be great!

9. Sweet Decorations. How cool is the sign at Target Field that has the two twin guys shaking hands when they score?

10. A team that helps not hurts the community. With all the scandals that are going on in the professional athletic world I wish that Minnesota would hold our athletes to a higher standard. No more sex boat trips… please.

I have had some very positive experiences with the Vikings Cheerleaders and Chad Greenway at events. They truly cared about meeting people. I will always be a Greenway fan!


Now, who do I have to get in touch with to get this done? Call me Vikes.





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