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Minneapolis Valentine’s Day Ideas

W VD header

For me, Valentines day is about treating yourself to quality time with someone who truly cares about you.  It is a time to put a break in the normal routine of work, gym, eat, sleep, and repeat.  Achieving this quality time means slowing down, building anticipation throughout the day, and trying something new together. All the while being reminded of how special I am to someone else.

To start this Valentines day out on the right foot I plan to stop by Woullet Bakery to grab a “different breakfast” from my usual with something out of this case for me and my co-workers.

W VD breakfast case

Seriously they have some yummy heart doughnuts for only $1.65 which also makes it affordable. Why not brighten your coworkers day?

W VD Doughnuts

If this case of treats is part of your usual routine of coffee and donuts try something slightly different…

How about some XOXO cupcakes?  These can boxed up for you in a nice package that will be an easy present for your special someone.

W VD Cupcake box XOXO

Each of these little morsels are hand-made with the love and kindness only a family owned and run bakery can deliver.  They have many other flavors available even some with cherry butter cream.

W VD Cupcake Case

The cakes and cookies are divine. Each one is divinely decorated, yet tastes sinfully delicious.  On a day where being different may mean being a little bad why not indulge in something glutenous?W VD Pretty in Pink

Normally I would not go for anything but the cupcakes, but on a day of doing things different I may pick up some petit fours or the chocolate mousse for two.  Both are ideally sized for sharing with a special someone, but nobody has to know if you are a bit selfish…


I suggest this Valentine’s Day you try something different for your special someone. Make a dinner at home and then surprise them with some sweet treats from Wuollet Bakery.  If you don’t want to cook a meal Surdyks has some pre-made meals available as well. Whatever you choose, choose to make someone feel special.

If you forgot a gift for a special someone Wuollet is ready for you. You do not have to pre-order, just stop in and pick out the perfect treat.

Because this Valentine’s Day give your sweety, a sweet.


*disclosure: when I visit Wuollets I get to try tasty treats and bring some home too. I shared some XoXo cupcakes with the special people in my life.


C.J. Chenier at The Ordway

C. J. Chenier , The Ordway, Zydeco

As an avid fan of the show Swamp People I was familiar with Zydeco music before attending The Ordway on Friday night to see C.J Chenier and the Red Hot Louisiana Band. This was my first time at a World Music and Dance Series event and had no idea what to expect. Are people really going to sit and watch a Zydeco band and not dance?

As I walked in to find my seat I thought I saw what looked like a dance floor and a diverse audience with people of all ages. I then searched my program for any sort of direction. It does not tell me if I can get up and dance or what is appropriate or not appropriate in this theater. During the opening act a few brave souls danced around what I thought was the dance floor but I was unsure if the staff at The Ordway was okay with this.

As soon as C.J. Chenier hit the stage there was no doubt left in my mind that everyone could and should get up and dance. People actually rushed the dance floor. Unfortunately, I was up in the highest balcony and only was able to watch from my high perch but I would have loved to bust a move to this lively music. My suggestion is to get tickets on the floor level for Dance events if you want to dance. If you are someone who is not up for cutting a rug I would sit up in the balconies.

The Ordway, C.J. Chenier

This upbeat, and fast-paced music was the perfect way to warm up on a chilly winter night. Zydeco music originated from southwest Louisiana where it is warm and it reflects just that. It comes from the Creole culture and much like the culture the music mixed many sounds. Even if it was only for a few hours I felt like I was in the Bayou eating some boiled crawfish and relaxing. I almost forgot that I was not on vacation. Hopefully, this event helped gain a few more Zydeco fans in the Twin Cities because I would love to hear this music more often.

because you should put on those dancin’ shoes


*disclosure: I am a blogger for The Ordway and receive tickets to the shows.

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