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Isles Bun and Coffee

Isle Bun 1

Tucked into a small spot in Uptown, Isles Bun is one of my favorite places to grab a bite for breakfast.

They have the most delicious buns! You cannot go wrong with any of their variations. And don’t forget the cream cheese frosting that they keep on the counter.

Isle Bun 2

For what they lack in space, they make up for with how wonderful everything is. Even the coffee is excellent. If you are coming there on a weekend in the winter be prepared to take your bun to-go since space is so limited. During the summer they have outdoor seating.

If you want to be a hit at your next company breakfast, order buns from Isles. They have an order form on their website and you will be everyones favorite co-worker.

Because on a weekend, a sweet bun and a coffee can relax even the most stressed out person.


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I can’t remember the last time I had something with currants in it. So, naturally when I saw this currant scone on the menu at Rustica I had to get it.  If you don’t know, currants are a small berry fruit that is dark purple in color and very tasty.

In the strip mall across from the Whole Foods in Uptown, Rustica is not what it looks like from the outside. Honestly, it looks shabby from the outside but once you get inside you are transported to a whole new world of coffee and bread. This bakery and coffee shop looks like it should be housed in an old brick building with ivy growing on the outside and a local bookseller next door who sells leather-bound books. Although, its outside is blah, it is in a great location and is fairly easy to get to if you live in Uptown, Minneapolis.

Despite it’s less than glamorous outside, Rustica is always busy because it has fantastic food. I have had several bakery items there and each has been delicious. including this scone. Once you have had one it will be hard to go back to any other scones especially the ones from Caribou. They get baked goods at Rustica. This scone was perfectly cooked with the right amount of browning and had this sugar-coating on the outside which makes a huge difference.

The breads are great and most of the time the coffee is exceptionable. This last time I had a very bitter cup, which must have been made incorrectly. But, I could have cared less since I was busy snacking on this scone.

The staff always is able to point out their favorite items that have been freshly made. So, take their advice. They know what is good and can point you to items that you might not normally try.

It looks like they also make sandwiches there and I am looking forward to having a day off where I can sit in Rustica and drink coffee, eat a sandwich, and write about my adventures in the Minne-apple.

because sometimes you need an escape to the old world.

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Angel Food Bakery – Peace Coffee

When I have had a long week, I love to stop by the Angel Food Bakery in Minneapolis for Peace Coffee and a treat.

My favorite treat from Angel Food Bakery are the chocolate chip cookies. I say cookies because I can never buy just one. They are amazing because they have several types of chocolate and a salty balance which makes them delicious. The chocolate also stays melty.

The brownies are yummy too. I like the ones that come with caramel in them and right when they are out of the oven. Having a cup of Peace Coffee with all of their treats just makes it more delicious and you more caffeinated.

I am sorry to say that my least favorite items on the menu are the cupcakes. They are pretty and fun. But the frosting on some of the offerings tastes like plastic. I keep trying them thinking that they will get better, but so far I have been disappointed.

Props to the owners of Hell’s Kitchen/Angel Food Bakery for taking a stand against customer complaints about their stance on the Marriage Amendment. In their newsletter they made it very clear that they support Minnesota United for all Families and will not stop supporting this cause due to customer threats. Good for you.

because sometimes you need a treat.

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Starbucks Blonde Roast

Want to try something new? Try Starbucks Blonde roast.

I am usually a dark roast neighborhood coffee drinker but when I was out of my neighborhood I tried this because of a suggestion from a Barista.

It was much different than I expected and would drink it again when going to a Starbucks. I personally like the Veranda blend best but the Willow is good as well.

Give it a try.


Because drinking coffee is like therapy.



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