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Rainbow Foods UNLIMITED double coupons -pocketyourdollars

It is true. I thought it was too good to be. But, it is really true.

Rainbow foods did unlimited double coupons last Wednesday and will again this Wednesday. Shhhhh. It is not being adversitsed by Rainbow at all. Thanks to another local blogger and fellow Bennie I was able to save a bunch of money. See the final tally at the end of this post.

Okay what does unlimited double coupons mean? It means that Rainbow will double unlimited coupons. There are a bunch of rules to this but it still means saving a bunch of money.

Why should you care? It doesn’t take that much time to get coupons together and you can save a bucketload of money.

As someone who had only watched extreme couponing on T.V. and used coupons to save money but not really to get things free I was sceptical. Carrie Rocha was on a local news station telling me that she got all these groceries for a few dollars. I thought to myself …what a load of bull.

Sure, I didn’t walk out of there with 1,256 dollars worth of items free but I did save over what I paid. I am going to count that as a score. Plus, all the items I purchased I will use. Unlike buying 50 bottles of mustard. (Please extreme couponers, give that crap away)

How I saved money was by using a list that I printed off of pocket your dollars and collecting the coupons that I could print from online. This was key because I don’t get any of those coupons from the papers. But, I might start buying a Sunday paper if Rainbow continues unlimited double coupons.

It really was that simple. Select only items from your list, make sure the product matches the list and the coupon, and during check out confirm they are being doubled.

So, thank your local blogger, Carrie Rocha.  You rock!

I suggest you click HERE to get to PocketYourDollars and start your list for this week. PocketYourDollars is a local couponing blog. Couponing blogs are blogs that make money by referring you to use coupons. It seems like a win win win to me.

I saved $39.88 and spent only $31.56. This purchase included mini Baby Bell cheese for $1.00, Morning Star breakfast “sausage” for $1.00 and a few free items.

because mplsgossipgirl saves money like a boss.



*disclaimer: make sure you check on pocket your dollars to see if the unlimited coupons is still going on and verify with your local store. Unfortunately, these promotions change all the time. Doesn’t everyone wish Rainbow would do this every Wednesday?


Secrets of Minneapolis- One of the Best Happy Hours no one knows about – Gather at The Walker

Looking for a secret spot for happy hour on a Thursday night? Try Gather at The Walker.

It is one of the best happy hours in the city that no one knows about.

  • 5 dollar small plates
  • 5 dollar special drinks and wines (this past week it was a mango martini)
  • 3-5 dollar beers

It only happens on Thursday night, when The Walker opens its doors for free Thursday nights. That is right, you do not have to pay to get into The Walker on Thursdays. So, after you eat you can go explore all the wonderful modern art that The Walker has to offer.

Why I call this one of the secrets of the city is because when I was there last Thursday only about half of the tables were full. Normally, I equate this to either bad service or overpriced foods. That is not the case with Gather. My best guess is that people think you have to pay to get into the Walker to eat in the restaurant. Not true.  Plus, it is a bit hard to find in the building but if you get lost ask one of the Walker staff.

You need to try this place because the service is excellent. The staff is always trying to make this the best experience for their guests. I even overheard a staff member trying to make a childs nonalcoholic drink fancier and extra special.  They go the extra mile. Plus, you can tell the staff enjoys working with each other.

Another reason this place is wonderful is that you can watch the chefs work. When I looked over at them they were smiling and having a great time.  Good food comes from happy chefs.

This would be a great place to take a date; the ambiance and low lighting create a romantic atmosphere.  This space in the Walker has really nice views. My advice: when making a reservation ask for a spot near the window.  It is also a great place for a birthday, they have room for a group of about 8. I suggest sharing a bunch of the small plates.

My favorite small plates are the grilled cheese, fish tacos, bahn mi, and the fries with the aioli.  Also, each week they usually feature two dishes from a local chef. Those usually are wonderful as well. They are a great way to try something that you might never try otherwise, such as frog legs. Plus, if you go on the first Thursday of the month the dishes from the local chef are free to try.

The trio of grilled cheeses differ with what cheeses are served. The ones that I had this week were a cheddar, brie with fig jam, and another one with herbs and mushrooms. All of them were different and fun.

I also had the fish tacos, a little bit spicy but very fresh. I liked the lime flavor of the slaw that tops the fish.

All of the food at Gather is locally sourced with much from family farms. Which makes the menu smaller but it only contains dishes that are necessary. Two items on the menu that I want to try next time are the Buttermilk marinated chicken and the beet dish with asparagus, pistachio, and orange.

Gather came out with a new menu, so the menu on their website may not be reflective of what is really on the menu now. I am very excited about some of the drinks on the new menu. They are flavors of fall and winter. The Harvest Grog with red wine, cider, whiskey, and maple syrup will warm the heart. Yum! Who comes up with these drinks?

I heard a rumor that in December, Gather will be open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and will be serving British fare to celebrate the British Ad Awards. I also heard a rumor that the next guest chef has a restaurant near The Walker.

Take a look at Gather’s website HERE.

because I like secrets.


Restaurant Week MN 2012 – Saffron

It is that time again. It is Restaurant week.

My pick for Fall Restaurant Week 2012 was Saffron. I picked Saffron because of the menu. They had starters that sounded fresh, entrees that were adventurous (more so than the steak, chicken, and fish options), and dessert that sounded delectable. I also liked the option of the add on wine pairing and the suppliments. I would suggest the wine pairing because it is worth the cost and the tables around me all ordered it.

I am glad that I chose Saffron because I had never been there before and it was an excellent meal. Saffron serves contemporary mediterranean and middle eastern cuisine. Every dish  is full of spices and made with quality ingredients.

The night started out with a bit of a mess. Saffron is not the easiest place to get to. We pulled into the parking lot that was closest to Saffron and it was 10 dollars to park there with no valet. Holy Crap. So, my first bit of advice is to take public transportation there.

That made me a bit cranky, but when I walked into Saffron I was quickly greeted and seated. The atmosphere of Saffron is romantic, dimly lit (as you can tell by my pictures) and plush. This restaurant has a calming nature to it. None of the servers were rushing around and they let you take your time.

The first course was the salad course. I had both selections on the restaurant week menu; the blood orange salad, and the greens salad with figs and blue cheese.  Both were very different and good.

The blood orange salad was fresh and bright. I liked the salty feta with the sweet orange and then the bite that comes with the olive. I almost thought it was going to be too summery but suprisingly the olives added a deeper tone.  It was a really great start to the meal.

The green salad was also fresh and had spiced almonds on it. Whatever those almonds had on it, I wanted a plate of them. It was dressed perfectly and had blue cheese and figs.

As a supplement I had the additional plate of assorted traditional spreads. Supplements are add ons that can be purchased for 10 extra dollars,  I would suggest getting this. My favorites included hummus and the spicy goat cheese. But, do not discount the other spreads such as the baba ganoush which was smokey and deep and the lentil spread with spices.

Then came the entrees of Arni Youvetsi (lamb) and Bouillabaisse. They were full size.

The lamb dish was heavy and savory. It was spiced and was served with orzo and reminded me of a fancy Minnesota hot dish. It was a little salty for me but I believe it was because of the combination of the bread crumbs and the cheese that was over salted.

The Bouillabaisse was excellent and had the taste of the sea. I was impressed by the ingredients that were used in the dish; Harissa shrimp, clams, mussels, and a few types of fish. They also added a toasted piece of bread with a sauce on it which was excellent when dipped in the broth.

The only low point of the meal came during dessert when the pear tart came. Although, this picture makes it look beautiful, it had clearly been made awhile beforehand and sat in a fridge until served. This caused the pastry part of the dessert to be hard and stale. The pear could have used a bit more spice. I liked the ice cream that topped it and the sauce on the plate but it couldn’t make up for the hard pastry.

The other dessert was great. It was a salted caramel trifle. It was rich and creamy. It was cold and had a crunch to it with the cookie on the bottom and the brittle on top. It was the highlight of the meal. Even when I was full, I kept eating this.

My suggestion for next restaurant week is that the chef does a trio of trifles. I would love to see what kinds Saffron would come up with.

The service at Saffron was great. I appreciated the calmness of the staff and the quiet of this restaurant.

If you have not made reservations yet, try Saffron. It was delicious. I would order either salad, the suppliment of spreads, the lamb entree, and the trifle for dessert.

You can read my eariler post about how to participate in restaurant week HERE and see my picks for fall restaurant week 2012 HERE.

because I love good food.


disclosure: I have not been paid to provide endorsement for either the restaurant or promoters of restaurant week. These opinions are my own and I did not receive any compensation for posting them.

Minnesota Marriage Amendment

As many of you know in Minnesota we have the opportunity to vote on the Marriage Amendment. We also have to vote on the voter ID amendment which I will explain in another post.

These topics are important to me because I feel that people are confused about which box they should check.  A few days ago I spoke with a person who told me that she had a conversation with a few close friends who did not understand what this whole Vote No or Vote Yes thing was. They knew how they felt about the issue, but do I vote yes, or no? And why am I voting on this?

I understand. It is complicated. The reason why you might not have had to vote on an amendment before is because our legislators are supposed to do that. We don’t usually vote on amendments to our constitution. But, below is a guide to help you choose what way you want to vote on the Marriage Amendment.

Afterwards, you need to get out there and talk to everyone you know. After reading this summary you can help them understand what it means to vote a certain way.

What exactly is an amendment to our constitution? Well, an amendment is a change. Those who want you to vote yes, want to change the constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman. Those who want you to Vote No, simply want to keep the constitution the way it is.

Well then are we going to have gay marriage? Do we have gay marriage now? No. So, by voting no you do not legalize gay marriage you only do not change the wording in the constitution.

So what are you saying… everything stays the same? Yes, it does. The only thing that would change is that we would be the first state to not let an amendment like this pass.

Why would people Vote Yes? Some people are voting yes because of religious reasons. They believe being gay is a sin. They want marriage to only be available legally between a man and a woman.

Others think that a family has to have opposite sex parents. They worry about the children growing up in an environment with two parents of the same-sex. And sometimes even having the model of the same-sex parents family is threatening to the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman.

Others do not want same-sex couples to get the same protections under law such as filing taxes jointly because they are worried that it might be abused. That people may not be in a committed relationship and only are legally marrying for some type of gain.

Why would people Vote No? Firstly, many people who are voting no are religious, they just do not believe in changing the constitution. They think government is already big enough and does not need to regulate anything else. They also believe that the consitution is usually only changed to give people more freedom rather than limiting the freedom for one group of people.

Other religious people believe that they should be accepting and welcoming to all people. They do not believe their God would create a gay person and then condemn them. They believe that they are not the one who should judge.

Some believe that this is a step too far in mixing church with state. That in churches gay people should not be able to marry but that the government can choose how to define marriage outside of the church.

Secondly, they may be Voting No because they believe that people have the right to marry whomever they choose same-sex or opposite sex and have the same protection under the law. This means that you can file your taxes together, visit them in the hospital if they become ill, make medical decisions for their partner, and many other protections that married couples get.

Some young people are voting this way because they feel if they have a child in the future that is gay, they want to be on the side that did not prevent their child from being able to marry.

Thirdly, they may be Voting No because they feel that it is discrimination. Many equate it to interracial marriage or segregation.

What are some of the rumors from the debate? Some believe that this was a plot by the republicans to get Christians out to vote. But, this is just a rumor. We already have high voter rates and this rumor has been disputed by both sides.

What does mplsgossipgirl think? I am disclosing that I am firmly Voting No. There are many reasons why including those I listed. But, most importantly I have people in my life who are GLBTQ and they should have the same protections as I have under the law. Even though this amendment does not give my friends those protections it is a step in the right direction.

I also firmly believe that it is wrong for churches to tell their members how to vote and using their funds to influence the vote. I wish they would focus their funds on those who need help, the homeless, the needy, and those who need a hand.

But, I still believe that everyone should know the facts. That is why I put information in here on both sides of the issue.

If after reading this you still don’t know how you want to vote. I would go the MPR News site. HERE. They really do a good job of laying out the arguments impartially.

If you have another arguement that I did not list here. Please leave me a comment because I would love to hear what you think.

Otherwise if you now can help explain this to someone else, get out there, have a conversation and help someone understand their vote.

because voting is your civic duty.


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Restaurant Week MN – My Picks

Restaurant Week Minnesota is coming up on October 21st-26, 2012. Do you have your reservations yet?

If you don’t know what Restaurant Week is, you can read my earlier post HERE. It details what you need to do if you want to participate.

When deciding where I am going to go for restaurant week I take a look over all the menus and then decide what I think looks best. These are my own opinions and I am not paid for my endorsements or criticisms.

Here are my picks:


Bradstreet Crafthouse: Very good drinks and a delightful atmosphere. Plus, the lamb sliders are yummy.

Cafe and Bar Lurcat: AMAZING! If you have never been to Lurcat, you need to make this your pick. I reviewed this awhile ago HERE and loved my meal. My helpful hint: Ask your server what items they like on the menu. They have tried them and know what is best.

Capital Grill: This is the place you go if you like meat. They have fantastic steaks and it is the perfect place to have a fancy night out with complementary valet. Make sure you come dressed up.

Corner Table: I haven’t been here before but the menu excites me. This one might be a leap of faith. How can you go wrong with Pots du Creme with gingerbread?

FireLake Grill House: Chosen because they are using local ingredients. I like the idea of the lunch menu with a salad and a sandwich.

Haute Dish: What a great way to try some of their different menu items. People love the mac and cheese with king crab and the tator tot hot dish.

Heidi’s: If you haven’t had a chance to get here yet. You must. This is an excellent restaurant and I can’t believe they are even participating. I have had the lamb shank before and which is perfect. If I were to go here I would try the dungeness bisque.

Highland Grill: One of the only restaurants who figured out how to use the $15 dinner correctly. What a great way to try many of their menu items like the fundito dip.

The Oceanaire: The grilled swordfish, enough said.

Saffron: The whole menu looks delicious. I love how they offer add on’s of wine pairing and also supplements. I don’t know if I would be able to decide between the entrees.

Technique: This is at the chefs school which makes me excited. Not only are these chefs trying some new things, they are most likely being “graded” on their performance. Although this is new I think that the prices are great, 3 courses for 15 dollars. I wish they could have more spots open for reservations. The meatloaf sounds like bunches of fun.

Vincent A: This is one of my favorite places to go during restaurant week. They make really great food and the atmosphere is fancy. Go on a date and order both of the entrees, you will be impressed. I wish they would offer their Pots Du Creme for the dessert though.


Aji Japanese: $10 all you can eat sushi for lunch! This intrigues me. But, I am not sure of the grade of sushi being used or what types this includes. It looks promising.

Campiello: I have never been here but the menu looks promising. I think they would be better off trying a $15 dollar dinner and seeing if they can get some new customers trying their food.

Copper River Fish and Chop House: I might try this place sometime. The menu looks pretty good on their website and they have fresh fish. Hopefully, they can cook it well.

Cosmos at the Graves: I find it interesting that they put directly in the menu that tax and gratuity are not included. The menu looks promising and a few friends said they liked the restaurant week items here. I am just not sure about it yet. The lunch menu looks like a good deal to me.

Dakota: Why did you just put one option? The Dakota would have been one of my top picks if they would have given more options. They have some talented chefs there who are going outside the box. My suggestion is to give a few fun and exciting options and at least one safe option.

Fogo de Chao: I heard this is a great deal and my guy friends love this place. I have never been here since I am not a meat, meat and more meat kind of person. If I did go here I would go during a special like Restaurant Week.

Joe’s Garage: I haven’t been here and that is the only reason why it is not in the Good category. They have a great menu with lots of options and anyone who serves Poutine is cool in my book.

Longfellow Grill: Could be good. Not really sure on this one.

The Lowry: I have heard that people like this place but the menu doesn’t look all that great.  Although, it might surprise me.

Masa: I always walk by this place and wonder why it isn’t busy. That makes me hesitant to go there. But the menu looks good and I think lunch here would be great. I love a good torta.

Parma 8200: The melon salad sounds good. I could give this place a try.

RedRossa Italian Grille: Gorgonzola sauce, I need to find out what this is. It sounds yummy.

Rosa Mexicano:  I am a fan of flan. Yes, I may be the only one.

Scusi: The scallops sound really great. I haven’t been here before but this might be a good time to try it for the first time.

Sea Change: This restaurant is great and I wish they would have offered a special dinner along with the lunch. If you can make it here for lunch you will not be disappointed. I think this place is intimidating for some people and I would love to see a special that would get this place some new fans.

Stella’s: Wow that lunch special looks great. I like the options and think that it would be a fun place to catch lunch with a friend.

Twisted Fork: Lavender Creme Brulee, sounds great. I think they have a good menu and would consider going here on a relaxed night out.

Urban Eatery: I have heard this place is good. It was right on the edge of making it to my favorite places. The pumpkin dessert looks great!

Wildfire: I have not been here before, but I like how many options they gave on the menu.

I wouldn’t recommend:

Amore Victoria: I have had horrible service here and cannot recommend it even though the food is good. The choices of the Pumpkin, Osso Buco, and Chicken Parmesan sound delicious but coupled with the service I can’t do it. See my review HERE.

Blue Point Restaurant: Not that impressed with the menu. Give us the good items that you serve and I might think about stopping by.

Chez Daniel: The reviews are mixed. I have never been here but the menu seems over priced for being in a hotel and out of the city. They do groupon specials which makes me hesitant that the food cannot stand alone. I might try if the price was more reasonable.

Damico Kitchen: I am bummed about the horrible service that I got here last time. Read my review HERE. But, the food and the menu is good, so if you are willing to bet on the service you could give it a try.

Edina Grill: Why are you doing a $30 dinner. Try the $15 dollar dinner next time.

Forepaughs: A waldorf salad really? For 30 dollars. The other parts of the menu looked okay but, it makes me wonder how good it can be if they would actually serve a waldorf salad. Are we going to a funeral?

Jimmy’s Food and Cocktails: I wish they would have included what the exact choices would be. Could be good.

Kincaid’s: Not wow’ed by either locations menu.

The Lexington: Could be fun to go here. The desert looks good but I am not that excited about the rest of the menu. But, I think it would be fun to take my Grandma here.

The Melting Pot: It screams cheesy romantic valentines day date for high schoolers to me. I just can’t get on board with it. Plus, melted cheese freaks me out a little bit.

Sanctuary: It could be good. I am just not sure about it.

Seven: They have a decent menu with Jumbo Prawns on it. But, I feel like they already have the marketing budget and not sure why they are doing this.

Woolley’s Steakhouse: That Kielbasa Mac and Cheese does not sound appetizing.

Don’t go here:

3 Squares: They do not have anything over $15.00 on their regular menu. Why would you spend $30? My suggestion, please make your menu a $15 dollar dinner.

Chiang Mai Thai: They didn’t put their best item the Pad Thai on the menu. I haven’t been impressed with this place lately and it is not worth the price. I reviewed them recently HERE.

Crave: What a lousy menu. I think you could do better than that Crave.

Huberts: Why would you go here? It is bar food. Which I am sure is delicious but I am not sure why it is on the restaurant week menu. If you are looking for a greasy hang-over spot or a place to get a hang-over. Maybe you should try this place.

Indian Zayka: The menu is not posted, but there are pictures of people using a buffet. Not sure why this is on restaurant week. But, I love Indian food so I wish the menu was posted.

Loring Kitchen: Horrible service and a bad restaurant week menu as well. This place is not my favorite. See my review HERE.

Samba Taste of Brazil: heard this place was good. The menu does not reflect that.

Woodfire Grill: A burger is an entree that you can get for a $30 dinner? That is crazy. That burger must be unreal. Most likely it is just a rip off though. Please prove me wrong.

During restaurant week watch for my posts on the places that I go and my reviews.

Please also leave me comments or tell me about your experience at the different restaurants. I would especially like to hear about any that were rated lower on my scale but that you thought were really good.

because I love food.


Bo Diddley’s

I love this place. Bo Diddley’s is a sandwich shop in Saint Joseph, Minnesota. Most likely you have never been to St. Joe unless you went to St. Ben’s or St. John’s or visited a friend. This small town is a wonderful place to go to college in. I should know.

Bo Did’s, as I call it,  has fantastic sandwiches that you cannot find anywhere else. Based out of Saint Cloud, MN this very small chain of restaurants is one of a kind. It has families who work there and even remember your favorites when you stop by.

My personal favorite sandwich is their turkey pita sandwich, it comes with thinly sliced turkey, their guacamole, and onions that are sliced just right. I am also a fan of the guac and chips. Really though, I have not had an item on their menu that I haven’t liked. They use good ingredients and the bread is de-lish.

As you can see this place is old school. They host a weekly cribbage group, make their own soup, and still make these delicious cookies with a recipe that has not changed. It has a great atmosphere where you bridge the line between your living room and a restaurant.

So if you are looking for a quick meal when you are in the central Minnesota area, stop by Bo Diddley’s.

because a good sandwich is hard to beat.


Billy Elliot -The Ordway

Billy Elliot at The Ordway is the perfect show for Minnesota right now. It is a heartwarming story about being yourself and going after whatever it is that you want. If you want to wear a dress, wear a dress. If you want to dance, dance. And most fittingly, if you want to kiss a boy, kiss a boy. It reminded me of the innocence of childhood and how children tend to do what makes them happy until someone tells them that it is unacceptable.

This show has a great storyline and stars Billy Elliot who falls in love with dance after he mistakenly ends up in a dance class. Taking place in the 1980’s in England in coal mining country, Billy faces pressure from his brother, father, and community when they find out that he is in ballet class. They are not happy with his choice of activities and make it known that they do not think a boy should be in dance class.

As expected, the choreography is absolutely wonderful. The use of the stage and the ever-changing formations keep the audience engaged and the story moving. With a young cast that travels, it is hard to take chances with active choreography because you are on a new stage all the time and it is always different. The more active, the more opportunity there can be for mistakes. They handled it with grace and kept the energy of the entire audience up.

Since this show is so dance focused, I appreciated the amplification of the tapping  with a microphone. It really added to the fact that these people are actually wearing tap shoes and they are actually dancing.

What makes this an enjoyable show is the choreography and cast, a very young cast. This group is full of the triple treats, people who can sing, dance, and act. Many of them come from Minnesota because we breed talent here. Janet Dickensen is from Bemidji, Minnesota and plays the part of the dance teacher. As well as, one of the Billy Elliot’s, Zach Manske who is from Woodbury Dance Center.

I cannot believe how much talent each and every young person in the cast has. This show does not have easy choreography or music. They had to be able not to only be ballet dancers but also be great at tap dancing all while singing.  The show also runs for about 3 hours total which requires stamina for this young talent. If you have young children that you would like to bring be prepared to be up late that night and there is a bit of swearing. Well, swearing with an English coal miner accent.

This show runs until October 14th at The Ordway and I suggest that you dance on down to Saint Paul and grab a seat. As someone who has never watched the movie or been to the musical before, it was something that cannot be missed. The dancing was fantastic!

Billy Elliot paints a very clear picture of what it can feel like when someone says what you are or what you are doing is, “not normal” or unacceptable and what it can look like when someone lifts you up and believes in you.  A lesson we can learn and re-learn no matter what our age.

You can buy tickets HERE

because if you needed another reason besides the dancing, The Ordway gives 50,000 tickets a year to school children to see the shows. So come and support them.



I can’t remember the last time I had something with currants in it. So, naturally when I saw this currant scone on the menu at Rustica I had to get it.  If you don’t know, currants are a small berry fruit that is dark purple in color and very tasty.

In the strip mall across from the Whole Foods in Uptown, Rustica is not what it looks like from the outside. Honestly, it looks shabby from the outside but once you get inside you are transported to a whole new world of coffee and bread. This bakery and coffee shop looks like it should be housed in an old brick building with ivy growing on the outside and a local bookseller next door who sells leather-bound books. Although, its outside is blah, it is in a great location and is fairly easy to get to if you live in Uptown, Minneapolis.

Despite it’s less than glamorous outside, Rustica is always busy because it has fantastic food. I have had several bakery items there and each has been delicious. including this scone. Once you have had one it will be hard to go back to any other scones especially the ones from Caribou. They get baked goods at Rustica. This scone was perfectly cooked with the right amount of browning and had this sugar-coating on the outside which makes a huge difference.

The breads are great and most of the time the coffee is exceptionable. This last time I had a very bitter cup, which must have been made incorrectly. But, I could have cared less since I was busy snacking on this scone.

The staff always is able to point out their favorite items that have been freshly made. So, take their advice. They know what is good and can point you to items that you might not normally try.

It looks like they also make sandwiches there and I am looking forward to having a day off where I can sit in Rustica and drink coffee, eat a sandwich, and write about my adventures in the Minne-apple.

because sometimes you need an escape to the old world.

Rustica Bakery on Urbanspoon

Cowboy Slim’s – My final farewell

If you have not heard Cowboy Slim’s in Uptown, Minneapolis is closed. I know what you thinking, this is the worst thing that has ever happened to Uptown. Thank goodness they have a downtown location called Cowboy Jacks.

Cowboy Slim’s filled the space between Calhoun Square and Drink (which is now Uptown Tavern) and filled a big hole on our hearts. It was one of those places you could go and know you could get a cheap drink from 10-12PM when you were just not ready to go home yet even though you probably should have.  I was that place you knew you could always stumble into when you couldn’t quite make it to Cafeteria. It was a place where you knew there would always be a guy who was chatting up the lonely cougars and newly turned 21 year olds. It was one of those magical places that I can’t believe will be gone.

Cowboy Slim’s never judged its customers who wore cowboy boots in the city nor looked down on you for your flipped up collar. No, it just wasn’t one of those places. I was somewhere you could go and talk with John who needed advice on a birthday present for his wife when his last gift of a bag of Salvation Army lingerie did not please her. It was a place where even if that guy who chatted you up for 15 minutes didn’t buy you a drink he still found a way to ask you if you had a boyfriend and if you needed someone to walk you home. The men who went there were truly gentlemen, who knew how to please a woman by holding doors, wearing Ed Hardy, and drinking jack and cokes for 2 dollars.

Cowboy Slim’s will truly be missed. So, cheers for one final time to them.

because I am just not sure how the Minneapolis Bar scene will do with one less cowboy bar.


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