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What to eat when you go to a MN Twins game

Twins 4These last few weeks have been brutal for Twins fans. It is not easy to sit in your seat and watch a game in your Sorel boots and parka when it is 30 degrees or colder. Along with many other fans, I opted to watch from under the heat lamps. The bonus of making this move was that I was closer to all the food and beer stands.

What I love about the new Twins Stadium is that they keep adding more and more local foods and beer. If I am coming to a game I want to be able to eat some really wonderful food. I did just that last night.

AZ Canteen, Food, Twin Stadium

Although, I was not able to try every new food at the stadium, I did get to try the new burger from AZ Canteen. A company started by local foodie/chef/TV star Andrew Zimmern, this stand serves a lamb and goat burger that has been deemed by many to be the best new food in the ballpark. I cannot agree more.

AZ Canteen in Section 130 serves a food item with flavor. This burger was made right in front of me and topped with roasted tomatoes and onions. At $13.00 this burger is expensive and in my view is worth it. It comes with seasoned chips, is big enough for a meal and best when paired with an IPA.

Twins 2, Turkey To Go,

Another favorite of mine is Turkey to Go found in multiple sections. At only $7.50 for a sandwich it is a steal. The turkey is always moist (I hate that word, but it is true) and you can top the sandwich with sweet and sassy BBQ sauce.

Twins 3

I had to get a huge hat full of nachos after watching people walking around with one. The hat is filled with taco chips, nacho cheese, beef, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, and sour cream.They equip you with forks to get the job done. Not in the least bit healthy but tons of fun.

I hope that the Twins keep adding more local food and beer each year because it makes coming to a game also a great place to have a meal.

Because GO TWINS!


* you can also follow AZ Canteen and Turkey to Go on Twitter to see where their food trucks and restaurants are in the Twin Cities. @AZCanteen and @TurkeyToGo


10 Ways to Make the Vikings Stadium Successful

It looks like Minnesota will have a new Vikings Stadium and we will live to bleed the purple and gold another day. After the success of the Twins Stadium I hope Minnesota will be as successful with the new Vikings Stadium. Our teams suck at winning but we sure do have fun going to the games.


Here is my list of 10 ways to make the Vikings Stadium successful:

1. A good view. There is nothing like taking a look up during a lull in the game to see a beautiful skyline.

2. Local food/beer. The Twins go this one right, not only does it support local business it brings in foodies. Has anyone tried the new Surly IPA at Target Field? It’s magical!

3.Good Music/Entertainment. There is nothing like a good music to bring people together. It is very important at games to have the right playlist.  Also, if they can bring in musical acts during the off season it makes it more profitable.

4. Enough room to talegate. It looks like a lot of fun! food trucks anyone?

5. Clean Bathrooms. It sounds simple, but there is nothing worse than being at an event with dirty bathrooms.

6. A few Cheaper tickets. Wow tickets are expensive. It would be great if they could have a few sections with reasonable prices so that it would be easy on the budget to go to a game once a year.

7. Traditions. Coming up with a few “new” traditions for the stadium is a must. It brings people together and makes people want to come back. (Bring back the real Viking guy as a mascot as well at games). Kiss cam?

8. Unique Seating options. A beer deck would be great!

9. Sweet Decorations. How cool is the sign at Target Field that has the two twin guys shaking hands when they score?

10. A team that helps not hurts the community. With all the scandals that are going on in the professional athletic world I wish that Minnesota would hold our athletes to a higher standard. No more sex boat trips… please.

I have had some very positive experiences with the Vikings Cheerleaders and Chad Greenway at events. They truly cared about meeting people. I will always be a Greenway fan!


Now, who do I have to get in touch with to get this done? Call me Vikes.





Gophers Lacrosse

This weekend the Minnesota Gophers Lacrosse team is hosting the Chris Jenkins memorial tournament at TCF Bank Stadium.

Saturday: Game vs. Illinois 4:00 PM $5 entry fee.
Sunday: Game vs. St. Thomas 2:00 PM $5 entry fee.

This tournament is held to remember a former member of the Gopher Lacrosse family, captain and goalie Chris Jenkins. Chris disappeared from downtown Minneapolis on October 31, 2002 and his body was found in the Mississippi River four months later without any clues as to who was responsible for his death. The Gophers hold their tournament to pay homage to who he was and to keep his memory alive.

The Gophers are taking on St. Thomas this Sunday. This is an important scrimmage for the Gophers because St. Thomas is currently undefeated and won the national championship last year. They have some talent on that team! As well as, the first game this season that the Gophers get to play at the TCF Bank Stadium.

This would be a great game to bring your family and see two of the best college lacrosse teams in Minnesota.

Come support your Minnesota Gophers!

More information at



Minnesota State Hockey Tournament

The Minnesota State Hockey Tournament is going on March 3rd-10th at the Xcel Energy Center and other rinks around the state.

As a high school student I cheered on my team. I showed my team spirit with face paint and spray painted hair. I wouldn’t recommend sitting in the student section it can get a little R-O-W-D-I-E.

Last year, I watched the live feed during my workday only to be disappointed by a loss for my hometown team. I will always be a fan win or lose! The curse has to be broken sometime right?

The State Hockey Tournament  is a great place to bring the family to watch some amazing hockey. The best part is some of the games are day games for those with little ones who have a hard time late at night!

Let me know who you are cheering for @mplsgossipgirl

Wild Game Tonight? Ride Metro Transit Free

Looking for a way to save money? Are you going to the Wild Game tonight? Want to pre-game before the game?

Ride Metro Transit. @metrotransit

They offer free rides to anyone with a Ticket to a Wild game 2 hours before the game and 2 hours after the end of the game. Just show them the ticket and take a seat.

I would encourage anyone who doesn’t normally ride the bus to give it a try. It is easier than you think and you can have a few drinks before the game. If you need help planning a way to get there call 612-373-3333 and there will be someone to help you plan your trip. You can always go to their website and plan a trip as well.


Don’t drink and drive. Drink and bus.


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