Loring Kitchen

Did you know that Loring Kitchen has a new Happy Hour?  It’s from 2-6PM and 9-Close daily.

Since they had this new happy hour I decided to see what it was all about. I have been before and had horrible service. Seriously…HORRIBLE. Let’s just say one time I was there the power went out and we didn’t see our server for 30 minutes. They didn’t tell us this was going on. They asked us to leave.  I vowed never to go back.

But, since it is a neighborhood place, the outdoor seating is great, a new happy hour, and I was so hungry that I didn’t want to walk into downtown I made the mistake of trying it again. I really want to like it.

I should start off by saying that it is never the food. All the food that I have had there has been good. I like the steak salad which is on the happy hour menu, the pizzas are good, and the veggies are always done correctly. I won’t speak about what I had this time but, it was very good.

The beer, wine and other drinks are a great deal during happy hour. I ask you why on beautiful day the place isn’t packed?

The reason why I dislike this place and why I think people don’t go here is that the service is bad. bad. bad. This time the power was not out but we were not greeted by a server for over 20 minutes. We were finally greeted not by a server but by someone who looked like the manager. She could see the frustration on our faces and took our Happy hour order. We arrived with about 30 minutes of Happy Hour left but by the time this manager took our order there was only about 5+ minutes left.

The bad service kept going with the whole flow of the meal. It took awhile to get the food it took longer to get the check. Overall, it was another let down. It bothers me most because I know how great this space is and this is what is holding it back from being a really nice restaurant to go to and bring other people to have a great dinner.

So, I beg of you, Loring Kitchen please please please work on your service and timing. Otherwise you are going to keep losing customers like me.

because good service can make the meal.


Have you had good experiences there? Have you had similar ones? Let me know..

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