Sound of Music Sing-A-Long – The Ordway

Sound of Music 1Guest Post: mplsgossipgirl’s Mom

If you thought you were going to the Ordway to just watch “The Sound of Music” on a big screen and sing along to all those beautiful songs that you already know by heart, you were very surprised.   Not only were theatergoers encouraged to dress in costume, (my favorite was the ten women who dressed as the goats) but you were also given a goodie bag with props to use at different parts of the movie.   They included a piece of edelweiss, cards to hold up during the song “How do you solve a problem like Maria” and best of all, a party popper to pop the first time that Maria and the Captain kiss.

Sound of Music 2

Erin Schwab was the host for the movie and before the movie started she came out on the stage and gave the go ahead for the frequent audience participation parts of the movie; cheering whenever you saw Maria, booing at the Nazis and the hand motions for Do Re Mi.   This got the audience whipped into frenzy for the start of the movie.   It had the feeling of an Austrian Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Sound of Music 3

Even if you weren’t into all the participation parts of the movie, it was wonderful to see this beautiful movie on a big screen.   Most people under the age of 50 have only seen the movie on their television screens.   The beautiful scenery of the Alps and Salzburg definitely was conducive to seeing it on a big screen and it didn’t disappoint.  So, if this is one of your favorite movies make sure you put the Sound of Music  Sing-A-Long on your list of shows to see.

Sound of Music 4

because it will definitely become one of your favorite things



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  1. jenminn says :

    Oooh that looks like it was so much fun!

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