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Twin City Grill- The Best Restaurant at the Mall of America

Twin City Girll, Flat Bread Pizza

Twin City Grill is my favorite restaurant at the Mall of America. It is cozy, has great food, and is reasonably priced.  I think that it is the best place to eat at the Mall of America because the menu accommodates many different eaters. They have salads, burgers, flat breads and walleye.

My last experience there deserves special recognition because not only was the food delicious. The service was above par.

Twin City Grill, MOA, Mall of America, Salt and Vinegar Fries

Whenever I eat at Twin City Grill I get a flat bread and salad. I love the duo. I also am a fan of the salt and vinegar fries. Order some for the whole table.

The reason that I say that the service was above par was because of a miscommunication that I had with my server. It was very loud and busy in the restaurant that night and he thought that I had said that I did not want my leftovers. I did actually want them. Seriously, the flat bread is great to eat cold the next day.

He apologized and ordered a new one from the kitchen and it was out and in my hand within 3 minutes, just like he said.

Twin City Grill, Menu, MOA

I was floored that he handled this situation the best way that he possibly could have. Unfortunately, it looked like one of his managers was giving him a hard time for it. Well, people make mistakes and the situation was corrected. It  showed that this restaurant cares about their customers.

Because great service makes me come back

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What is your favorite place to eat when you go to the Mall of America?

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