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Primebar Takes Over Il Gatto Spot in Uptown

As many of you have heard from Stephanie March who writes Foodie File on @mspmag Primebar is coming to Minneapolis in Il Gattos Uptown location.

Primebar has a location in Dallas and is a national chain and I wonder how that will do in Uptown. It is a self proclaimed contemporary ale house. I think uptowners are more of a non-contemporary crowd, but maybe I am wrong. It does have a late night menu listed and I think that will help. But, the prices are a little bit over what uptowners like to pay unless the food is worth it.  Hope they bring their A game! The ambiance at the Dallas location looks like it would fit in here and I hope they keep that similar at this location.  Look at Primebar Dallas Here.

I am looking forward to trying Primebar! Let me know what you think @mplsgossipgirl and any readers from Dallas, Texas tell me what you think of your location.


Because really? Can there be too many bars?



Chased by the Light Walkabout- Bell Museum

Tonight 6:00PM- Bell Museum of Natural History

Chased by the light is an amazing photographic journey. After Jim Brandenburg found himself caught in a rut working for National Geographic he challenged himself to take only one picture per day in Northern Minnesota. He took some spectacular photos of nature and wildlife.

Tonight, Rober Silberman, a UMN art history professor will lead a discussion about environmentally oriented art.

The walkabout is free with museum admission.

More information Here.


Because pictures can change the world.


Howl at the Moon- U of M Party with free drinks

If I was still in college I would be at this party tonight. Howl at the moon is hosting a party for the U of M and Augsburg students.

Complimentary drinks from 10pm-11pm. One hour is good enough.
Free Cover. (I would bring your student ID)

Don’t drink and drive just ride the party bus!
U of M
Pick up location is 15th and University
Bus to Howl runs 9:30p, 10:30p,11:30p, and 12:30a
Bus returns to U of M at 10:15p, 11:15p, 12:15a, and 1:15a

Pick up location is 21st and 7th
Bus to Howl runs 10p, 11p, and 12a
Bus returns to Augsburg at 10:45p, 11:45p, and 12:45a

Must bring this ticket for entry. print from here.

Must be 21.

Mean Girls

I can’t go out. (cough) I’m Sick.

In celebration of Lindsay’s self proclaimed come-back. MEAN GIRLS night tonight!

Mean Girls is a timeless flick that can be watched over and over again. Heat up your Gretchen Weiners Toaster Strudels, slip on your pink shirt, enjoy this movie and wish Lindsay becomes just as fab as she was in this movie.


Tonight @Gather

If you haven’t been yet! Get there and get there tonight! I have had some great food here and the guest chefs are a lot of fun.

Get a cocktail with Prairie Vodka as well. A couple of month ago I had a Banh mi there once that rocked my world.

James Beard Semi-finalist Russell Klein of Meritage is the chef-in-residence tonight @Gather at the Walker.


There will be samples of:

Crispy Frog Leg




Tonight from 5-9PM


Because Yummy!


Walker- Videotect 2: Here to There

Want something to do tonight for free?

The Walker is hosting Videotech 2: Here to There at 7 PM. They will be showing short films about sustainable transportation that were part of a competition at the Cinema theater.

The tickets are free starting at  6PM in the Bazinet Garden Lobby.

The audience gets to vote on the films at this lively event!

Click here for more info


Happy 108th Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Time to celebrate!

Jean Stephen Galleries is having a birthday party for Dr. Seuss this Friday, March 2nd from 4-7PM.

Stop by and see some student work based on Dr. Seuss.


Starbucks Blonde Roast

Want to try something new? Try Starbucks Blonde roast.

I am usually a dark roast neighborhood coffee drinker but when I was out of my neighborhood I tried this because of a suggestion from a Barista.

It was much different than I expected and would drink it again when going to a Starbucks. I personally like the Veranda blend best but the Willow is good as well.

Give it a try.


Because drinking coffee is like therapy.




I have been shopping at Kowalski’s for years and love the stores.

I recently discovered something that I thought I would share. When you walk in the door at any Kowalski’s there will be a box with fliers, books, and RECIPES! I am sad to say, that I just discovered the recipes. It is nice to be able to walk into the store take a look at the recipes and choose something that has all the ingredients in the store.  This week I grabbed one for meatballs.

Thanks Kowalski’s for making meals easy!


Because anything that makes life easier is something to say thanks for.

If you know any other helpful discoveries like this one. Tweet me!



MN Restaurant Week- Lunch at D’Amico Kitchen

All my #MNrestaurantweek recommendations have been glowing so far. Unfortunately, this one is not. I attended a lunch at D’Amico Kitchen at 12:00pm and was fairly disappointed. I tell you this because it is in the heart of downtown and there was barely anyone there for lunch. I would think with a deal like this, 10 dollar lunch, that they would be busy.

Most of my experience was foiled because of the service. Our server was not very good. He should maybe consider another career option since he had trouble talking to us and seemed nervous when attempting to explain the menu. He did not give any suggestions and only offered us wine to drink. Someone might want to tell him that most people cannot drink while at work or when going back to work. He brought us water but failed to keep it refilled and took awhile getting us our bill because he was folding napkins out on the floor and it looked like prepping for dinner service while chatting with other employees. My suggestion is that this should be done where customers cannot see. Although, I may not have noticed if I wasn’t looking for him.

Our food was fairly good. I ordered a salad that was a great lunch salad but it was on a small plate and I had trouble looking like I wasn’t struggling to keep it on the plate when I cut it. Someone in my group had a greens salad and it was bland. It should be kept off the restaurant week menu. I had the tomato soup and that was great. It had a little bit of heat to it and was great with house bread. The squash ravioli is definitely the way to go though.  It was worth the 10 dollars, I wouldn’t have paid more for this experience.

I cannot say what the D’Amico Kitchen dinner experience is. But, I don’t think I will be back for Lunch anytime soon. If I did, I would get that tomato soup again. It was a perfect lunch soup.



Because lunch is a break from reality.


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