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My recent restaurant experiences…

After re-reading several of my recent posts about restaurants, I clearly have not been happy with my experience at several of the places I have been.

This is horribly sad for me. I don’t mean to be a crank. But, I figure if I tell the truth and the restaurant reads it maybe they will make some changes. I also want to make diners aware of what kind of experience they could get if they go there. No fake Amazings!!! here. I love food and love to appreciate the food in Minneapolis and surrounding areas. If I say something was AMAZING, I feel that way wholeheartedly.

Most of my rank comments have been about the service and I have been pondering why I have gotten some not so great service these last few weeks. Is it because I am younger than most of the servers, my lack of fashion, or because I do a lot of happy hours? I don’t know what exactly it is. I always tip over 20%.

I should also mention that none of the restaurants know that I write a blog. I try not to be too descriptive in my posts to let them know who I am. That way my experience is not skewed by what they want my experience to be that might be different than a normal customer.

Come on restaurants! I am just like any other person who wants to have a reason to come back again. My wish right now is that I could write more complementary posts about the restaurants to get more patrons in them.


My challenge to you:

I am ready to be redeemed by a restaurant… Please let me know if you know of any restaurants with great service. I will go there and let you know about it.


Macy’s Flower Show

Macy’s in Minneapolis is holding it’s annual flower show March 25th-April 7th during their normal store hours in the 8th Floor Auditorium.

Their theme this year is Brasil and it is going to be colorful one.

During this show there will be many events and demos at Macy’s that you could participate in. I love a good food demo! The two that sounded interesting to me were with The Public House and Samba. The Public House demo will be about desserts and Chef Anelisa Ponpes will be leading the demo on March 28th at 12:00PM. Samba will be hosting Monday, April 2nd at 12:00 PM where you can learn how to cook a Brazilian dish. Both demos are held in the Culinary Kitchen in the lower level.

Find more information on other events and demos HERE. They have over 16 in store events during the show.


because if I can’t afford to go to Brasil at least I can feel like I am there


Key’s at the Foshay


Key’s at the Foshay is one of the best kept secrets in Minneapolis. Not only do they serve breakfast all day, they also have amazing desserts.

The best part of  this restaurant is their staff. They greet you and remember you from past visits. Ask you how you like items on the menu. Tell you stories. But, most importantly, make you laugh.

Be prepared Key’s you can’t get rid of me now!


Because Key’s knows how to treat a customer and friend



Salut Bar Americain- on Grand

I had great company last night when I attended Salut in St. Paul. Thank goodness, because otherwise I would not have been very happy when I left there.

When I got to the hosts table I waited because there was no one there to help me. When someone showed up I said I had reservations under my name and I was not sure if anyone from my party was already there, thinking that this host would be able to show me where our table was. They just looked at me as if I had something on my face. Then said, “well, did you look in there to see if they are here?” So, we went on our way without help from the host.

It stared out pleasantly with water, some bread, and butter.  Our waitress was MIA. We finally ordered drinks and meals. Then, the strangest thing happened. Our waitress came out with a small dish with some small bites, placed it in front of one of us, muttered something and left. It took us awhile to figure out if that was something that came with what one of us ordered or if it was just an add on to our meal. We finally decided to share it. It made for an awkward moment.

The people who enjoyed the main course were the ones that ordered burgers. They looked delicious. My suggestion would be the burger with swiss and onion I believe it is called the french onion soup burger. I was hungry for something on the lighter side and ordered a staple. A GREEK salad. What ended up coming out was a hodge-podge salad with something that they must have had left over. My Greek salad had no cucumbers and had both red and green peppers all over it. It was the majority of the salad. If you take a look at the menu it does not even mention peppers come on it. I wasn’t sure, therefore I did not question the salad I ordered. I thought I may have not read the menu correctly. How disappointing, I spent 10 dollars on a salad that I really didn’t like. I might have ordered something else other than a salad but they were a little bit out of my price range for a mid-week dinner with friends who are on a budget.

My wine was fantastic. I had the $6.00 Merlot and would recommend that as a cheap, good wine.

My advice, if you go there order a burger and not a salad.

because what is on the menu should be what you get.


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