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As a supporter of local business, I had to tell you what is going on in Wrenshall, MN. A business called the Locally Laid Egg Company is one of four small businesses in a contest with intuit to win an ad during the big game.

The only thing you need to do to support them is visit and click the vote button everyday until December 1st. Thank goodness, finally a contest where you don’t have to like anything, give any information, or sell your soul to help someone out.

I think you should support LoLa because they are local, sustainable, and they have a really awesome product. You may have had LoLa eggs if you have eaten at Duluth Grill, GastroTruck, or Surdyk’s Flights. You can find a full list HERE. Many of the local Coops sell the eggs too. If you have eaten the eggs at any of these places or in your own home you know how delicious they are. There is a different taste to eggs that are local and come from happy birds.

The Amundsen family wants to win to get people talking about different kinds of agriculture and encourage others to get into farming. Jason Admundsen started Locally Laid after his second layoff from a non-profit grant writing job and has invested everything into this business. You can tell just by looking at the Locally Laid website and blog that they truly care about what they are doing and want to do as much as they can to give back, including planting a tree for every delivery.

So, tell your friends, tell your family, tell your co-workers, and tell the person sitting next to you on the bus to VoteLoLa. It is even mobile optimized.

because happy chickens make yummy eggs



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3 responses to “Vote LoLa”

  1. katielookingforward says :

    Cool!!! I have eaten at Duluth Grill, but I didn’t have eggs 😦 It would be awesome if they did a blogger tour for us to see more about what they are about! But I did go over and vote, and love that it wasn’t connected to facebook (which does get annoying).

    • mplsgossipgirl says :

      I agree. It is now starting to make me mad when companies require a like or something for doing good.

      If you are going to do something good. Just do it.

      Oh girl, You need to try something with eggs from Duluth Grill. If I had that place in my neighborhood I would spend all my money and time there. If you are there for breakfast have coffee as well.

      I think Locally Laid would love to work with bloggers but they are super strapped for time being a small local business. I bet after this whole thing blows over if you connected with them they would love to have you.

      I would love to see a blogger be a farmer for a day. 🙂

  2. apartmentwife says :

    such a sweet post for you to do for them – heading over to vote right now. and…what do you know, i’ve never tried any of these restaurants. time to make a change?

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