Science and Cooking Class for Free from edX


I love to learn and take classes. If I was a billionaire I most likely would have been in college forever. Taking edX online classes helps fill that need for lifelong learning and they are free. That is the best part.

Edx is a non-profit started by Harvard and MIT and the goal is to bring the best of higher education all around the world. I think it is accomplishing its goal.

The class that I am currently taking is on Science and Cooking and to me it is unreal that this is offered on the internet for free. The first part that I am working on is heavily chemistry focused which is something that I hated in high school. I had a good teacher in college that did what this class does well, it uses real examples to demonstrate chemistry.

This class will add to my knowledge of food and cooking and make me a more inventive cook by having a better understanding of the science of cooking.

If Science and Cooking isn’t your thing, there are many other classes listed out there for you to try. There are several classes on poetry coming up soon. You could take a class on computer science or linear algebra. There is even a class about China.

Another thing that I like about edX is that it is completely on your schedule. Yes, when the classes offer certificates you have due dates but, this course seems to have a really great timeline to get it done.

If you are not working towards the certificate you can just have fun learning on the site.

You can find the website for edX here:

because learning something new is always fun.


Have you taken any classes from edX? What did you think? Are you going to try it out?


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3 responses to “Science and Cooking Class for Free from edX”

  1. asteifer says :

    Cool, what are the timelines like?

  2. apartmentwife says :

    thanks for sharing – i’m definitely checking this out 🙂

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