Umami Takeout


This is not your normal takeout. This this some seriously good food.

I was excited to hear that the pop up restaurant Umami would be doing takeout since I was unable to get a reservation these first few weeks. I do like this process of making a reservation online beforehand and just showing up for your dinner already pre-paid. This makes it easy and plans a date/get-together ahead of time.

Umami by Travail

The chefs from Travail clearly are loved because getting a seat was extremely hard these first couple of weeks. But, good news!  They just signed a year long lease thanks to their large Kick Starter fund.  I am hoping to get to eat in the restaurant soon, but loved that I was still able to try some of the food via takeout.

I ordered everything on the takeout menu and it was only $25. It was definitely enough for 2 people.

Umami Takeout

My favorite item was the Bun. I could eat them everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is that light fluffy pillow looking like thing on the left bottom of the picture above. Another favorite was the ramen. They will have this takeout menu until October 19th, then will move to their Dim Sum concept after that.

I can’t wait to see what the chefs will come up with next. I love that they are bringing some love and energy to North Minneapolis with their unique approach to food.

because you really need to give it a try!


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6 responses to “Umami Takeout”

  1. Christina says :

    Umami is definetly on my must try, the fact they have take out, even better! The bun will most likely be my downfall 🙂

  2. asteifer says :

    And they just keep growing don’t they? Definitely wanna give this a try now… love really good Asian fare.

    • mplsgossipgirl says :

      It is seriously amazingly good. People rave about anything Travail because not only is the food good but the environment is fun. These chefs know how to interact with people and make them excited about what they are eating. DO IT!

      • asteifer says :

        Yeah, I remember going to Travail in or soon after it’s first year… been wanting to go back to one of their new places for so long to try them out again. Though I guess the “interaction” must be more of a recent couple years thing; when I went in their early times I didn’t get too much, a lot of explanation on the dish but not much fun back and forth, which sucked cuz I really wanted that as part of the experience, especially when I loved the food so much :/

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