Minneapolis Snow Day

Minneapolis, Snow, DowntownI thought I would share some photos of the snow in Minneapolis this morning. I forget sometimes how beautiful it can be. A big thanks goes out to all the DID and other city workers who clean off the streets and sidewalks, without you it would be a mess.

Snow Day 2

Look at this guy biking like a champ down Nicollet this morning. Many reports of a biker slowing traffic on Lyndale. My advice: if you are not a pro-snow-biker take the bus on days like this.

Minneapolis, SnowShe must be new to Minnesota. This was in a busy intersection in Downtown Minneapolis and she decided that it was now time to clear off her van. She was all smiles and laughed with those of us crossing the street.

Snow Day 4

because snow brings people together.



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I am a girl loving life, food, and friends in the great city of Minneapolis. I share the events/food/places from the cities and hope that it helps you find things you come to love as well. If you want to share with me or help me with a topic contact me on twitter @mplsgossipgirl or by email at mplsgossipgirl@google.com

5 responses to “Minneapolis Snow Day”

  1. asteifer says :

    Hey, I was down in that area last night! Stopped by haskell’s during a break in class to look at things, then went over to Angel Food by Hell’s Kitchen for a snow-day treat. It was so beautiful getting out of class at like 10:30pm and having the snow coming down like it did.

    • mplsgossipgirl says :

      Yum! What did you get at Angel Food?

      My favorite is their chocolate chip cookies. They use the right amount of salt.

      • asteifer says :

        Very close actually!! I did the double-chocolate sea salt, with seemed a bit naughty, along with a good-ol peanut butter. They also had this Bourbon-Glazed, spiced “Donut Bread Pudding” loaf, which I had to get… and shall never again. Sorta proves the sad point that Angel Food is a very “Hit n Miss” sort of establishment… some things are great, others just don’t impress…

      • mplsgossipgirl says :

        Agree TOTALLY!

        I need to try that double chocolate one. I do like some of the bread items and brownies. But, for me the cupcakes are not very good and taste like plastic.

      • asteifer says :

        Not to mention they do the brownies in those individual pans, which at first looks like a fun idea, but they don’t exactly come out easy…. taste good, but a pain to try and eat. Donuts vary a lot too.

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