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India Palace – Roseville

India Palace

Right off the freeway, India Palace may not exactly look like a palace. But, don’t judge this palace by its cover. The food is very good.

I am not an expert by any means in Indian food. But, I do know when something is cooked correctly. I had the Rogan Josh which is lamb cooked in a yogurt sauce and special spices. I thought the lamb was cooked correctly and fell apart when cut with a fork and I liked the spice blend that they used. It helped the cold that I had.

I also ordered Roti and garlic Naan. I liked the Nann better, it was a little lighter. Don’t forget the beer.  I had the Taj Mahal which went nicely with the food. Not the best beer that I have ever had because it is lighter in nature but, paired well with the lamb.

India Palace 2

Overall, this restaurant gave me the home cooked meal feel. It was warm and inviting. Be prepared to wait awhile for your food since the service is a little slow. It didn’t really bother me at all. They have several other locations in Minnesota as well.

In the future, I want to travel to India. Until then, I will have to do with eating at India Palace.

What is your favorite Indian restaurant?

because I like it spicy!


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