A Wonderful Place to Take Your Pet- Lyndale Animal Hospital

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Many of my loyal readers may have noticed that I haven’t been writing much lately. This is because I recently lost a part of my family. Baby Nugget, my cat sadly is no longer with us. I was lucky to have her in my life to brighten my days.

Baby Nugget became part of my family when she was adopted from the Animal Humane Society. She was perfect for my home because she was independent and like to snuggle. She was a senior cat and even though she was a little bit slower than a kitten she was still ready to come and snuggle whenever I came home. Her favorite show to watch was Maury.

Baby Nugget’s favorite meal was fresh salmon.  Her personality of of external indifference was merely a cover for her warm cuddly soft true colors.  She would accompany me to cat film festivals, picnics in the park, and keep me company during flu season.

Baby Nugget

When I first brought Nugget home we brought her in for a check up at the Lyndale Animal Hospital. We went in on a weekend and met Dr. Koppy. Who did a short check up and talked to me about her care.

Dr. Koppy was also very helpful in treating Baby Nugget during her end of life and helping our family make decisions regarding our pets care. I cannot thank all of the staff at Lyndale Animal Hospital for all their help during this hard time.

The care, compassion, and empathy the entire staff showed during my time of need was truly appreciated.  Whenever Baby Nugget was brought in the staff always treated her as family member, because that is what she was to me.

Baby Nugget 2



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2 responses to “A Wonderful Place to Take Your Pet- Lyndale Animal Hospital”

  1. Gina Marie says :

    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. 😦 What a beautiful kitty she was.

    May you find comfort in happy memories of your feline friend.

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