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Top 20 New Things to Try in 2013 in Minneapolis


Every year I try to make goals, usually they involve weight loss or cooking a meal so many times a week. This year I needed a change, I picked 20 new things to try for 2013. Goals should be fun and it should be fun completing them.

I encourage you to leave me comments or Tweet me (@mplsgossipgirl) to help me on my quest to complete my list. I am looking for suggestions, helpful advice, and items for my list for next year.

Top 20 New Things to Try in 2013 in Minneapolis

1. Brewing Beer– I love to drink it. I should learn how to make it. I would love to travel to  Vine Park since I am a bit low on space. Or even try to make my own at home with Midwest Suppy or Northern Brewer.  What do you think?

2. Go to a Pop music concert– I haven’t been to one in years but there is something about going to a Christina, Madonna, or Justin Bieber concert that makes your toes tap. Who is coming to town?

3. Take a Class at The Loft. Clearly, I like to write. I have been dying to take a class at The Loft Literary Center for a while. What were your favorite classes?

4. Find a new hole in the wall restaurant. And share it with all of you. Any suggestions are welcome and I am willing to travel anywhere in Minnesota to find a new favorite place.

5. Enter a baked good in the Minnesota State Fair. I love the fair and I love to make baked goods. I am hoping my grandma who is a ribbon winner will help me. If you have any suggestions of what I need to do as well. Let me know.

6. Travel somewhere outside of Minnesota. Love you MN, but I need to do some outside travel.

7. Learn how to can foods. I really like curried pickles which means I need to make them myself. Do you know where I can take a class? Maybe I will enter them in the State Fair too!

8. Discover a new thrift store. I am open to suggestions, please send them to me!

9. Go to a winery. Or maybe a winery tour of many wineries. Where have you gone? Have you been to Northern Vineyards, Falconer Vineyards and Winery, Cannon River Winery, Alexis Bailly Vineyard, or St. Croix Vineyards?

10. Go see an IMax Movie. I know that this is silly but I haven’t been to one yet.

11. Travel to a small town in Minnesota for a weekend trip. Any town suggestions?

12. Go to a Gopher Football game. I want to go to a game in the new stadium and cheer on the gophers.

13. Do live band karaoke. Where is the best place?

14. Run a 5K. Did I mention I cannot run. I prance. So I will prance the 5K. What is the best 5K in the Twin Cities?

15. Go to a show at 1st Ave. I think it would be fun to go and see a band that I might have never heard of. I am open to suggestions.

16. Take a walk over the Stone Arch Bridge. Sometimes it is nice to do something relaxing.

17. Visit the buffet at one of our casinos. Just for fun! What casino has the best buffet?

18. Dakota Jazz Club. I love jazz and I had some of the food from the Dakota Jazz Club at the Food and Wine Show last year and it was delicious. I need to get there. The whole needing to pay to get in to pay for dinner scares me a bit. But, I need to take a jump off the cliff and try it.

19. Go to the Opera! I am hoping to go see a show at some point this year with the Minnesota Opera.

20. Do something uniquely Minnesotan. I don’t know what this is particular goal is… but I will know once I partake in something uniquely Minnesotan. What do you think is something that every Minnesotan has to do?

because 2013 is going to be epic.


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