Minneapolis Snow Emergency

One of the worst parts of living in Minneapolis is that there never is enough parking. If you live in Uptown or Downtown, park on the street, and make it through an entire winter season without being towed, call it a success.

They do the plowing on the snow emergency routes to help emergency vehicles safely travel around Minneapolis. So, it does make sense. But, when you go out to find your car in the morning and have to taxi to the impound lot it might still make you mad.

Snow emergencies have been upgraded in the last few years. They now have an iPhone ap and also text alerts. If you have to park on the street make sure that you get these, you need both because the ap does not tell you when a snow emergency has been declared. It will save you a whole lot of money by avoiding the impound lot.

Also, if you own or rent a house make sure that your sidewalks are shoveled and ice-free, it is the law to keep them safe for walkers.

You can find all the important information HERE.

I hope you have a fun and safe winter season.

Because snow emergencies are just an excuse to walk to the bar and have a few drinks to warm you up.



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3 responses to “Minneapolis Snow Emergency”

  1. Jen - Life With Levi says :

    Definitely a good excuse to walk to the bar! The guy I’m seeing lives in Dinkytown, so I’m guessing I won’t be headed to his place until well after the snow emergency ends.

  2. lifewithlevi says :

    I’ll meet you at the bar! Seriously, winter parking in Minneapolis is crazy during a snow emergency. The new boy lives in Dinkytown, and it’s always packed on the streets near his apartment. I’m sure he’s glad he has an underground parking garage.

    • mplsgossipgirl says :

      That is lucky! One of my requirements when I pick an apartment is to have parking. I will not do street parking because of this. I actually got stuck in the suburbs tonight at my parent’s house. I have to wait until the plows come. 🙂 oh winter.

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