Vote No

If you have not heard, Minnesotans have the opportunity to vote for a constitutional amendment that would ban same sex marriage in Minnesota. This amendment defines marriage as between only a woman and a man. If you vote no, it does not mean that same sex couples will be allowed to marry it will just not allow this amendment not to pass and define the specific wording in the Constitution.

I am putting this out there as a conversation. So, that maybe someone in Minnesota will read this and think about how they want to vote on the amendment. I believe it is part of my civic duty to put myself out there and speak my truth.

For those of you who know me personally, you know exactly where I stand on this issue. Not only do I think that everyone should vote no on this amendment, I believe that Minnesota should allow same sex marriage.

Marriage to me is a lasting commitment shared between two people who love each other.

In the future,  I want to be married in front of all those who love me, friends and family, and believe that anyone who wants to enter into this commitment should be allowed to do so. Marriage is a way to publicly say that  this is the person that I want to spend my life with and is now part of my family.

I am someone who will not face the challenges that same sex couples face currently. When I decide to enter into marriage I will not have to worry if my employer allows my partner on my insurance coverage, I will not have to worry about having to pay lawyers fees to have my partner make medical decisions for me or if my partner needs to adopt my child/children, I will not have to fight to have my partner in the room with me when I have an emergency.

I do not want my friends, neighbors, family members, or anyone else have to struggle to have the same freedoms as I get to have without doing anything other then marrying a partner that is the opposite sex as I am.

because love is love, Vote No.


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4 responses to “Vote No”

  1. drayke says :

    I am fully, 100% in agreement with you on this issue. It seems so incredibly ridiculous that this amendment has even been suggested, let alone gotten this far. I will be so incredibly disappointed in our entire state if this passes. :/

  2. Joshua Coman says :

    Hey, i live in Minnesota and I’ve been seeing these stickers around quite a bit, which is great. I have also seen signs opposing gay marriage in people’s yards. To be completely honest, i don’t really entirely like having extremely open gays in my midst, i guess you could equate it to hardcore religious nutjobs pushing their crap onto you. However, this country is about FREEDOM, and that’s what our stars and stripes stand for, therefore that’s what I stand for. The only people that oppose gay marriage are those religious nutjobs, or people that can’t let go of modern biggotry. Remember kids, gays were around before your religion.

    • mplsgossipgirl says :

      Thanks for the response. It hurts me to see those signs as well. I think if people really took a look at the issue they could see that they could be both religious and vote no.

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