Amore Victoria

How great does that dish look? It was delicious. But, now I will tell you why I will never be back there again. The service was horrible.

Now, this has nothing to do with our actual server. Who was really nice talked to us about the dishes and was friendly.  After the meal she even apologized to us for the service that we got. I asked her how many tables that she had because it seemed like that might have been the problem. She had 7 tables outside plus another 4 inside with a huge group. Now, that is unfair to both the server and the diners. I hope this is not a normal occurrence but from how the sever handled it, it seemed like it was.

But that was after we got seated. The worst part of going there was before we were actually seated. First, we walked into the restaurant but it was a nice day so naturally we wanted to sit outside and asked if we could. The server inside told us that she did not know if they had any availability upstairs and told us to go to the back walk up the stairs to see the hostess there. She was rude, most likely because people are always asking this all the time and she has to tell them to go upstairs.

My question is why is there no communication between the rooftop and the restaurant? Shouldn’t they be able to  figure out some way to let each other know when they are full or not. I really cannot blame the hostess either for her rudeness because how frustrating must it be when there is no room between the door and the hostess stand, she cannot tell us if there is any availability upstairs, and everyone wants to sit outside.

Things got worse, as we were walking up the stairs there were two young girls who were trying to get up the stairs in their heels. We let them go first because they were struggling. They were seated and we waited for the hostess. We asked for a table for two and she said they were all full. Now, I am pissed.

I had to walk up these damn stairs, I have things to do and all I wanted was a good meal outside.

Unfortunately, I gave the hostess a piece of my mind. This is because we let those girls go before us, because there were at least 5 open tables left. Granted they were 4 person tables, but I think we could have sat there anyways. We were told downstairs it was first come, first served and they do not take any reservations. We were told to go downstairs.

Now, this is where I made a mistake. I should have left.

We went downstairs to be seated outside on the sidewalk. The hostess inside said she would follow us out to a table. She saw someone else and sat them first inside and then decided to come out and seat us. As we are sitting down they were clearing waters that were left at a table because some diners actually got up and left. It is never a good sign when people leave without eating.

Now, this is where I made a mistake again. I should have left.

All and all, the dinner was not horrible because the food was good. Service was painfully slow and dinner took over 2 and a half hours. Which is a long time when you have two people sitting by you discussing the dates they had met on okcupid and how they were sooooooooo in love but he was ignoring her calls.

The bread was wonderful and so were the pasta dishes that we ordered.

Look at this food. I feel sorry for the chefs because after my experience there. I will never be back. You have been blacklisted.

Because who the hell manages this restaurant? Yikes.


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4 responses to “Amore Victoria”

  1. Gina Marie says :

    My husband and I had a similar experience while visiting Amore Victoria last year.

    I don’t wish misfortune on any restaurant, but I can’t help but wonder how this place is still running if this type of thing is a common occurrence there. [Shakes head.]

    • mplsgossipgirl says :

      I felt bad about writing such a horrid review of this place. But, it was so bad. I couldn’t send anyone there after what I experienced.

      It is my hope that the restaurants read these reviews and take to heart that I am not trying to ruin their business only improve it.

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