Zelo Happy Hour

One of my favorite Happy Hours in Minneapolis is at Zelo it is called 4-5-6. It’s clever and a great deal.

If you are like me and starving after work it is a great place to stop with a friend and have a 5 dollar drink and a 5 dollar appetizer. The drinks on the menu are worth the 5 dollars that they are.  My personal favorites are the Moscow Mule and the Margarita both taste fresh.  I have had a few that were not made correctly and told the server that. It was quickly fixed.

The food is also very good. Their pizzas a great and they offer them on this menu too! I love the margarita but that is because I am not a meat-za fan but I have heard that the sausage is yummy as well. The other thing you can’t leave without trying is the Spicy Tuna Crisps. I don’t know how to explain them but I can eat a whole plate in 2 minutes flat.

I actually had a horrible experience there about a week ago when my friend ate an under cooked Turkey Burger. I tasted the second one and it was VERY under cooked.  I can’t say that the situation was handled well by the restaurant at first. The server tried to convince me that people say that a lot but that they are cooked.  It was not. She asked them to take it away and actually got sick (sorry to whomever cleans the bathrooms). They then wanted to cook it more and bring it back to the table!!! She refused it and said she did not want anything else. The manager also came over to tell us it was in fact under cooked.  The only thing that made this situation much better was that the server came to apologize and said it was not his intention to say that it was not under cooked. I appreciated the fact that he did not blame the cook and admitted that he should have handled it differently. I have had this server on many occasions and he even remembers my last name. So, Kudos to him for doing the right thing.

It was very hard for us to even tell the server that we thought it was under cooked. It is hard, at least for me, to complain at a place that I frequent quite often. To say the least, this experience did not get me to stray away because I do really enjoy the food (I don’t think I will ever have another Turkey Burger there) and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun happy hour.

If you go there let me know what you think about it.

Because you always get yourself in trouble when you try to eat healthier


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