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Shopping on Grand? Stop at Salut on Grand

WIth the right sauce. Salut Grand

Recently, during a hideous Minnesota snow storm when the google maps was colored all red, I decided to just hang out on Grand Avenue for awhile. I say decided like it was a choice. Rather, I was stuck there for awhile until traffic cleared up.

Instead of wallowing because I was not able to get home. I decided to frolic on Grand Avenue. Usually, when I stop by Grand it is for a specific purpose. I stop at the store that I need to get something from and I get out of there. Parking can be a mess and I get stressed out about leaving my car. Was that really a parking spot?

Bar Salut on Grand

While I was over there freaking out about parking I completely forgot to explore. I had no idea that I was missing a bunch of other stores that I never knew were there. This storm made me make my own fun. After stopping into a few stores by Grand and Victoria. I stopped into Salut.

I have been to Salut a few times and already knew I was a fan of their Pomme Frites and french food in general. I took a seat in the bar and had red wine and ordered some food off the happy hour menu.

Red Wine Salut

I cannot tell you how relaxing it was to sit down and just eat some really good food, alone.

Everything I tried was delicious and the staff was more than accommodating by allowing me to hang out in the bar until I could get home safely.

Salut on Grand Ave.

Overall, the happy hour menu isn’t dirt cheap prices. But, would you really want to eat food that was that cheap to make anyway? I thought the prices were fair for what you got and I really enjoyed the glass of wine that I had.

Because stop in and explore Grand sometime.


What is your favorite store on Grand Avenue?

Salut Bar Americain- on Grand

I had great company last night when I attended Salut in St. Paul. Thank goodness, because otherwise I would not have been very happy when I left there.

When I got to the hosts table I waited because there was no one there to help me. When someone showed up I said I had reservations under my name and I was not sure if anyone from my party was already there, thinking that this host would be able to show me where our table was. They just looked at me as if I had something on my face. Then said, “well, did you look in there to see if they are here?” So, we went on our way without help from the host.

It stared out pleasantly with water, some bread, and butter.  Our waitress was MIA. We finally ordered drinks and meals. Then, the strangest thing happened. Our waitress came out with a small dish with some small bites, placed it in front of one of us, muttered something and left. It took us awhile to figure out if that was something that came with what one of us ordered or if it was just an add on to our meal. We finally decided to share it. It made for an awkward moment.

The people who enjoyed the main course were the ones that ordered burgers. They looked delicious. My suggestion would be the burger with swiss and onion I believe it is called the french onion soup burger. I was hungry for something on the lighter side and ordered a staple. A GREEK salad. What ended up coming out was a hodge-podge salad with something that they must have had left over. My Greek salad had no cucumbers and had both red and green peppers all over it. It was the majority of the salad. If you take a look at the menu it does not even mention peppers come on it. I wasn’t sure, therefore I did not question the salad I ordered. I thought I may have not read the menu correctly. How disappointing, I spent 10 dollars on a salad that I really didn’t like. I might have ordered something else other than a salad but they were a little bit out of my price range for a mid-week dinner with friends who are on a budget.

My wine was fantastic. I had the $6.00 Merlot and would recommend that as a cheap, good wine.

My advice, if you go there order a burger and not a salad.

because what is on the menu should be what you get.


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