Are people still eating there?

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Where have you been eating lately?

I ask this because I was driving around the other day and spotted some chain restaurants with full parking lots.  I thought to myself about the last time I had eaten at one and why I ate there. I believe it was at an Applebee’s when I was meeting a group of people that I hadn’t seen in awhile.

Of course, they are much easier to go to if you have a large group, they will split checks, and you already know what is on the menu because they have burgers, sandwiches, salads, pasta dishes, and any other thing you could imagine under the sun to accommodate even the pickiest eater. And you know you are going to have to eat there when you are going out with coworkers or for meetings. (Yes, I know it’s a run on paragraph)

But, why not when you get to make the decision about picking a restaurant to go somewhere local with really good food? Not just a place where the microwave is the main form of cooking.

It can be hard to make that choice sometimes because what if one person doesn’t like the food choice? Or you don’t really know how to order at a tapas restaurant. Give it a try. Because what do you have to lose? You know you are not going to have the best meal of your life at a Buffalo Wild Wings. Although, maybe some people will disagree with me. I’m fine with that.

It’s okay if you like eating at chain restaurants. All I ask is that with all of the wonderful options there are out there, why would you choose to eat there? Why not go out and try something new? Take a chance. Go on an adventure. I am making a bet that if you try somewhere new, you will really like it.

Because it’s fun to eat new things.


Do you agree/disagree with me? Are there any good chain restaurants? I can think of a few. Best place for someone to go to try something new?


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5 responses to “Are people still eating there?”

  1. katielookingforward says :

    I really try to not eat at applebees, I think its been 2 years! I personally won’t go to crave again, its just a more expensive to applebees to me. There are so many independent places out there that I would rather support with my dollar. Pizza luce/punch are always appealing, but I really like eating at new places. The other day I finally went to Mill City Kitchen in uptown, it was a little healthier than I need a restaurant to be, but it was fun to experience!

  2. McKenzie M says :

    Don’t like doing chain restaurants. For a new flavor, Global Market or eat street, eat street, eat street!

  3. Sue says :

    I kind of hate Applebee’s & only go there if a niece/nephew picks it for their birthday dinner and that’s been a couple years now. Applebee’s food just tastes blah & pre-made/processed to me. Like you, I think it’s fine that others enjoy it…but I love trying new things & prefer what I perceive as better ingredients. Old favorites for me are Sea Salt Eatery (was just there yesterday) and Bar La Grassa. Some new (to me) faves are Chimborazo, Marin, Ngon Vietnamese Bistro & Joan’s in the Park. And I’m excited to try Copper Hen later this week.

    When eating with people who are not foodie types, I pick a spot that’s within their comfort level & help with the menu if needed — and usually pick something pretty unique for myself so they can try that too. I have a lot of relatives from smaller towns with less diversity in their restaurant choices so I help them explore something new yet not “so crazy” that it will scare them off. It’s fun for me to help them explore & introduce new things to their eating palate.

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