Travail Chefs at Gather June 2013

Travail at Gather 2

I can’t think of a time that I have had more fun eating food. Now I completely understand why Travail Kitchen and Amusements is one of the most popular restaurants in the Twin Cities. Although, it is closed right now for a location change, the chefs were on top of their game as guest chefs at Gather.

Gather is one of my favorite spots in Minneapolis because of the beautiful location, great happy hour, and the creative food from the guest chefs.

Travail, Chefs, Food

The first Thursday in June was particularly exciting since Gather was celebrating it’s second year and because the Travail chefs were there.  Mike Brown, James Winberg, and Bob Gerken know how to get people excited about food. The mood in the room was electric.

Travail at Gather 3I had fun learning about their playful dish and the ingredients in it. Have you ever had langoustine before? This was a first for me.

Travail at Gather 4As you can tell, the Travail chefs do things differently. They went around and spoke with each table and showed them how to eat their dish.

Watermelon Salad, Gather, Minneapolis Summer FoodI also had the watermelon salad which is on the summer menu at Gather. It was light, a bit spicy, and  very fresh.

Dessert, Cherry and Spoon, Cherry and Spoon Dessert, Walker

This cherry and spoon dessert is only at the Gather for a limited time. Yes, you can eat the spoon! It was not my favorite dessert and tasted like it came out of a fridge but it was fun to look at.

You only have one more Thursday to get the guest chef plate with langoustine (google it…) .

because making food fun makes everyone smile


What is the most fun you have had at a restaurant in Minneapolis? Where do I need to go?


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