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Rojo Mexican Grill


Rojo has really good margaritas. They are expensive at $9.00 each but you only need about half of one to feel it. I did some shopping after the lunch that I had at Rojo because I needed to walk it off. It was well mixed because I didn’t taste the strong-ness of their margaritas.

I had the lunch special of a torta. I chose the chicken torta with a chopped salad. I made the wrong choice on the salad. It was really not good. But with a few improvements could be good. Firstly, it was made with only arugula which is really strong. Then there were noodles on it. They were like cold Chinese noodles. It was interesting and not a good interesting. It did not add anything to the dish but the addition of the texture of  a wet noodle. I do have to say that the dressing was really nice and I liked the avocados that were sliced in it. Good news, Rojo is coming out with some new salads. I am excited to try them.

The best part of this meal though was that the sandwich came with fries as well. It was a nice surprise. We also had chips and salsa to start the meal. This is a nice touch because even if the service is a little slow you have at least something in front of you to eat.

Overall, Rojo is a bit expensive. But, I would go back for the $9.00 margarita. Since it makes me feel like I had a little bit of a vacation. The food is just okay but this is a posh place and I think it would be fun to do a birthday here.

because you should go for the margaritas


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