Client Gifts for the Holiday Season


One of the hardest gifts to choose is a gift to give to your clients or employees. If you are business owner you want to send something that is personal, easy to coordinate, and something that most people enjoy receiving.

I recently stopped in to the Wuollet Bakery in Downtown Minneapolis and they showed me some potential gift ideas. My favorite part is that you can completely customize your package to fit your needs. They work with all types of budgets and have some really great ideas to show your clients and employees that you care.

For those with a large budget, they make towers with many items inside. You can even top it with a cookie with your logo on it. (pictured above)

Woullet Christmas

One of the most popular items to give is the peanut brittle. Laura who works at Wuollet Bakery told me that the owners actually make it themselves. They are hands-on business owners. If you visit Wuollet Bakery’s facebook page it is rumored that there is a video showing how they make it.

Woullet Christmas 3

I also like the idea of including a cookie assortment. Your client can then bring them to a family gathering to share. Most are bite size cookies and come in all different colors. Also, if you need something to bring into your christmas party at work, this would be a great item.

Woullet Christmas 2

Another item that you could include gingerbread people, gingerbread snow people, and gingerbread santas. They are super cute!

Woullet Christmas 4

When you walk into the Wuollet Bakery in downtown they have a whole shelf with holiday items. There are many different items that you could include in your present. If you don’t see what you are looking for always ask. Wuollet’s can work with you to make sure your gift is perfect for your clients and employees.

You can call, stop in, or visit the Wuollet Bakery website HERE to order your holiday gifts!

because if I was your client I would be happy to get anything from Wuollet’s. hint hint.



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