My plan was to never share Aristos on my blog because it is my special place. It is my place to go  if I want a good Greek home cooked meal.

Aristos specializes in homemade Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. I knew it was not fair to my readers and to Aristos to not share this wonderful restaurant.

When you pull up this place looks like a cheesy Greek family restaurant straight out of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. But, don’t let the looks fool you. The cooks here know how to make real Greek food.

You need to start with some of the cold appetizers, I suggest doing the combo and getting 3 or 4 different kinds. You then can bring some home with you for the next day. If you can resist not eating them all right away. Also, try the soup. I love this lemon soup because it is light and a great way to start the meal.

Never-ever-ever order the french fries. Not because they are not good, but because this is a Greek restaurant and they do all the other sides much better. I would not order the sandwiches either just because their entrees, meat, and pasta dishes are great. I have had the falafel and gyro plates and both are great. Below is a picture of the falafel plate.

But, what is even better than the meals listed above are the specials which are listed on a white board right when you enter. These have always been the best. This time we had the mussels in white wine and linguini.

As you can tell from this picture, it was good.

They also have beer and wine for great prices. Including Mythos a Hellenic Lager Beer. It’s tasty with Greek food.

My goal is to one day take a cooking class from the cooks here. Yum!

After your meal head down to Stillwater and get a drink at one of the bars or walk around by the river. It is a great place to spend a fall day.

Because it’s time to go Greek.


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