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Cooking Shows on @tpt

If you are a foodie and like to cook, here is something that you may not know about. Every Saturday on TPT2 or Twin Cities Public Television they have a series of cooking shows such as America’s Test Kitchen, Simply Ming, and Essential Pepin to name just a few.

They really teach you how to cook like a real chef would. Happy TV watching day. Hopefully, the snow stops soon.


Because learning how to cook one dish well is something everyone should know, just in case the President comes to dinner.


Winter Bluegrass Weekend

Every time I hear about a music festival like this I am proud to be a Minnesotan. We get a lot of talent to come to our cold state!

March 2nd-4th The Winter Bluegrass Weekend is happening at the Crowne Plaza in Plymouth. Over 3,000 people attended last year.

There are still tickets for the main act on Saturday, Steep Canyon Rangers at 9:30PM. This act is the current touring band with Steve Martin. There are workshops, jam sessions and artists playing all weekend.

See the website for more details HERE.


Because music can make your heart melt.


Uncle Kracker @ Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar TONIGHT

Have a rocking good time tonight at Toby Keith’s with Uncle Kracker. I am sure it will put a “Smile” on your face.

There are no more tickets available online but give the bar a call and see if you can drum some up.

8:00PM 21+


Because music never gets old.


Carpenter St. Croix Valley Nature Center

This weekend at the Carpenter St. Croix Valley Nature Center you can get up close and personal with some winged creatures.

They are putting on “the owls and other masters of the sky”  March 3-4 for only 10 dollars per person at 11, 1, and 3 PM.

RSVP 651-437-4359

Visit their website for more information. Here.


Because nature is important


Lutsen, MN – Weekend Trip

Need to get out of town for the weekend? Want to hold on to the winter for a little longer?

Head up to Lutsen, MN. They have gotten over 21 inches of snow in the last 9 days.

You can now go skiing on the beautiful mountains in northern Minnesota. Many of the resorts have ski and stay packages and rooms open because until 9 days ago they were missing the snow needed to have really great ski runs.

Check out more information here.


Because a beautiful place can change your mindset.


Fish Fries Minnesota

It is Catholics favorite time of the year Lent! The Catholics give up eating meat on Fridays but they get to have something delicious instead: FISH!

You don’t have to be a Catholic to enjoy the fish fries around the state during the Lenten season. Welcome one and all to the fish fries!

A full list can be found at The Catholic Spirit.

Here is a few of my picks: 

St. Albert the Great Catholic Church
2836 33rd Avenue South



They feed about 700 people every Friday night.  It is the Twin Cities most popular fish fry. They have bingo and many other activities but be prepared to stand in a line.

Any of the VFW’s are a great spot to go because you can get beer as well. Richfield VFW is always highly rated. Beer always enhances the flavors of the fish or at least that is my perception.  Knights of Columbus Hall in  Bloomington is another hall open 5 to 9 PM at 1114 American Blvd. Call (952) 888-1492 for reservations.

If you are looking for something other than fish, head over to Our Lady of Guadalupe in St. Paul from 11:00-6:30PM. You can also get them to-go by the dozen. On 401 Concord St.

My best suggestion is to try out a parish in your community. There is nothing better than meeting your neighbors over a great meal.

I would love to hear about your Fish Fries. Leave me a comment or find me on twitter @mplsgossipgirl.

Because food brings people together


Primebar Takes Over Il Gatto Spot in Uptown

As many of you have heard from Stephanie March who writes Foodie File on @mspmag Primebar is coming to Minneapolis in Il Gattos Uptown location.

Primebar has a location in Dallas and is a national chain and I wonder how that will do in Uptown. It is a self proclaimed contemporary ale house. I think uptowners are more of a non-contemporary crowd, but maybe I am wrong. It does have a late night menu listed and I think that will help. But, the prices are a little bit over what uptowners like to pay unless the food is worth it.  Hope they bring their A game! The ambiance at the Dallas location looks like it would fit in here and I hope they keep that similar at this location.  Look at Primebar Dallas Here.

I am looking forward to trying Primebar! Let me know what you think @mplsgossipgirl and any readers from Dallas, Texas tell me what you think of your location.


Because really? Can there be too many bars?


Chased by the Light Walkabout- Bell Museum

Tonight 6:00PM- Bell Museum of Natural History

Chased by the light is an amazing photographic journey. After Jim Brandenburg found himself caught in a rut working for National Geographic he challenged himself to take only one picture per day in Northern Minnesota. He took some spectacular photos of nature and wildlife.

Tonight, Rober Silberman, a UMN art history professor will lead a discussion about environmentally oriented art.

The walkabout is free with museum admission.

More information Here.


Because pictures can change the world.


Howl at the Moon- U of M Party with free drinks

If I was still in college I would be at this party tonight. Howl at the moon is hosting a party for the U of M and Augsburg students.

Complimentary drinks from 10pm-11pm. One hour is good enough.
Free Cover. (I would bring your student ID)

Don’t drink and drive just ride the party bus!
U of M
Pick up location is 15th and University
Bus to Howl runs 9:30p, 10:30p,11:30p, and 12:30a
Bus returns to U of M at 10:15p, 11:15p, 12:15a, and 1:15a

Pick up location is 21st and 7th
Bus to Howl runs 10p, 11p, and 12a
Bus returns to Augsburg at 10:45p, 11:45p, and 12:45a

Must bring this ticket for entry. print from here.

Must be 21.

Mean Girls

I can’t go out. (cough) I’m Sick.

In celebration of Lindsay’s self proclaimed come-back. MEAN GIRLS night tonight!

Mean Girls is a timeless flick that can be watched over and over again. Heat up your Gretchen Weiners Toaster Strudels, slip on your pink shirt, enjoy this movie and wish Lindsay becomes just as fab as she was in this movie.


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