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5 Tips to Easily Brave the Cold in Minnesota


It’s cold here this week. Like really cold. In the next 5 days, we won’t reach above 10 degrees in Minneapolis. I am not one to mind the cold but I was born and raised here in Minnesota. I think I am used to this kind of weather.  There are some things that we Minnesotans know about the cold that transplants might not think of doing on these types of days when we’d rather not get out of our warm and comfy beds. Not that I am saying you have to do that, because if you can, just stay there in bed.

These are a few suggestions that I have for my friends that aren’t from here and need to get up and do stuff on these hideously cold days:

  • Get the right winter gear.

These are two pants kind of days. What does that mean? Long underwear are a thing and you should wear them when it gets this cold. It makes everything more pleasant other than your pants feeling a little too tight. Just have one pair of jeans that are a size up from what you normally wear and wear long underwear under them.

Get yourself a pair of really warm boots. I’ve been wanting a pair of these Mukluks for years, but any pair of boots with real fur or shearling will work really good. Don’t buy fashion boots, they are no good for you. Get something that will be good up to -35 degrees.

Wool socks + wool sweaters are great for keeping you warm. I highly recommend getting a sweater and a few pairs of socks for cold days when you cannot get warmed up. They will help a lot.

Yeah, so we may not look like fashionistas on these days but, we are a hell of a lot warmer than you. Get yourself some gear and you can be warm too!

  • There’s a reason why we like “hot dish”

You should not start a diet in this weather. period. Get a hot dish recipe from a friend. Try this one that I like: http://pinchofyum.com/sweet-potato-tater-tot-hotdish

The hearty homecooked meals that make you feel full are just what you need to get through this cold. There’s something to be said about comfort food and these are exactly the type of days that comfort food is needed.

  • Grab a good book.

Time to get cozy! Grab a book from a friend, borrow one from the library, or even get them delivered straight to your kindle. Books are a great way to get through a cold night. I love getting home from work and snuggling up with my cat and a good book. I just finished a book by Ann Rule (very good) and I am just starting my book club book–I am Malala.

I am always looking for new book selections and my Goodreads account is super helpful. I can see what my friends are reading and what they liked.

  • Get the spray stuff that gets ice off the windows of your car.

Seriously– Do IT: Here


Taking a warm bath after a cold ride in your car home is literally the best thing in the world. Buy yourself some nice bubble bath. This is one of the best simple pleasures in life.

Because you need to survive the cold…

XoXo- @mplsgossipgirl

What are your cold weather tips? Any books I should add to my list? Cold weather gear?


10 Reasons Why -22 Degrees is Not That Cold When You Are a True Minnesotan

Winter, Minnesotan, True Minnesotan, Cold

It’s cold out there today. Really cold. Like -22 degrees and it feels like -45 with the windchill.

If you are a true Minnesotan you go outside and think, Oh, this really isn’t that bad. It’s cold, but it could be worse.

There are a few reasons why we stay here when it is this cold outside.  We are smart enough to figure out how to keep warm in this polar vortex.

10 Reasons Why -22 Degrees is Not That Cold When You Are a True Minnesotan:

1. You own all the proper winter weather gear. This may include a parka, mukluks, a hat with ear flaps, and proper mittens. You don’ t care what you look like because at least you are warm.

2. You own at least 3 pairs of long underwear. Yes, you may look a little bit puffy today at work but your bum is nice and toasty.

3. You have a space heater at your desk. Did your feet get cold on your way into work? That is not a problem because when you get to work you can put them right in front of your space heater.

4. Almost everyone knows how to jump a car or knows someone who can jump their car and can do it in 2 minutes. We carry around the tools to get our cars started no matter where we are because it is the smart thing to do.

5. We all own at least 40 blankets. One of them is heated so that if it gets really cold we can plug it in and be nice and toasty when we sleep.

6. If you have something warm to drink it makes you think that you are really warm. We all have supplies of hot cocoa, tea, and coffee to make when it gets frigid. Your mom also used to put in those little marshmallows when you were younger.

7. When there are days like this we have a supply of movies, games, and indoor activities that keep us occupied for many hours. Plus, we may even get to sleep in.

8. We all know alternative (less safe) ways to heat our homes by using space heaters, cooking something in your oven, and lighting candles. You usually end up with a hot dish or a pot roast, it’s a win/win.

9. It gives us an excuse to cuddle up with those people you love. Body heat helps.

10. We know it’s not THAT cold because it could always be worse. It could be -40 degrees and it feels like -70 and it snowed 3 feet overnight and then it sleeted for that very brief warm up. IT CAN ALWAYS BE WORSE.

Lets be honest, we love it here in Minnesota, even when it is colder than Antarctica which is only at -11 degrees today.  We stay because of the people, the culture, the food, the community, and because summer is amazing here.

because I am a true Minnesotan


How do you stay warm on days like this? What do I need to add to my list?

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