Salsa a la Salsa

Just a bit out of downtown on eat street you will find a quaint place called Salsa a la Salsa. If you are looking for somewhere to pop in with out a reservation. This is a great place to try. It is usually quiet and the food is good. I say usually, because I was seated to a group of dude bros who were talking about all the females they were going to meet at the clubs that night while drinking strawberry margaritas. Don’t judge bro.

They have a huge menu and I haven’t had anything that I didn’t like yet. I would ask your waiter/waitress what they like to eat and get that.

It is a nice place to go if you are really hungry because they bring chips to the table right away with green salsa that is mild. Their margaritas are good and they have reasonable prices on both beer and wine.

It is not taco bell and some of my friends that are not all about “real” tacos did not like this place. If you do have someone who is that way in your party, point them to the burritos. There is one that is like many of the chain restaurants make but better.

It is not the best food I have ever had but in a pinch it is wonderful. The place is friendly with welcoming staff and relaxing. This is exactly what you need when you have had a stressful day and do not want to make dinner.

I should mention that they also have another restaurant in the Midtown Global Market which is great as well with the same menu I believe.

Where do you go to get a meal when you don’t want to cook?


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  1. sybaritica says :

    The name of the place just sort of rolls of your tongue doesn’t it!

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