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Primebar Takes Over Il Gatto Spot in Uptown

As many of you have heard from Stephanie March who writes Foodie File on @mspmag Primebar is coming to Minneapolis in Il Gattos Uptown location.

Primebar has a location in Dallas and is a national chain and I wonder how that will do in Uptown. It is a self proclaimed contemporary ale house. I think uptowners are more of a non-contemporary crowd, but maybe I am wrong. It does have a late night menu listed and I think that will help. But, the prices are a little bit over what uptowners like to pay unless the food is worth it.  Hope they bring their A game! The ambiance at the Dallas location looks like it would fit in here and I hope they keep that similar at this location.  Look at Primebar Dallas Here.

I am looking forward to trying Primebar! Let me know what you think @mplsgossipgirl and any readers from Dallas, Texas tell me what you think of your location.


Because really? Can there be too many bars?


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