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Peninsula Eat Street Minneapolis

Peninsula 2

I always like to go on eating adventures. Eat Street in Minneapolis is one of those places that I like to drive down and pick a place to eat. I like to think of it as dating.

Sometimes I am wonderfully surprised and have found a place that is not on the normal best places to eat list. This time I made a bad choice. Peninsula was like a bad first date.

I was first drawn in by the outside. Malaysian Cuisine, what is that? I must try it. Sort of like online dating, I was drawn in by the idea of this restaurant. It boasts about having the best Malaysian chefs in the country. What could go wrong?

Well, much like the two dates going on next to us, this place bombed. Talking about having relations with your ex while on a first date is usually not a very good idea. Ordering the salted fish and noodles dish also not a very good idea. With 220+ items on the menu I had no idea what to order, but man I really did a horrible job. The server was no help and said that everything was very good. Not true or helpful. What I ordered was not edible.

This is the first time I have been at a restaurant in Minneapolis and after having a few bites not being able to tolerate any more. It tasted like someone had taken a bottle of fish sauce and mixed it with some over ripe fish and put it on a plate with noodles. It smelled like rotten fish that had been left out in the sun. This was nothing like what was described on their eharmony profile.


If this was a date I would have pulled the “oh crap, I have an emergency!” trick and would have run out of there as quickly as possible. Which is exactly what each of those people on the dates around me should have done. But, just like me they sat because there were so few people there and because I couldn’t understand the server very well, I did not send it back or leave. I felt too bad.

I really wish this place would have been better because it has the bones of being a good boyfriend. It just had a really bad first impression oh and the food was bad. It is a great space and the beer was cold. I think if I were Peninsula I would start with a new menu. I would limit it to a few items that I could do very well because over 220 is too many.

I hope this place makes a come back and finds the customers of their dreams.

because who doesn’t love a fairytale ending?


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