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Reuters: 48 hours in the Twin Cities: What you really should do

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Reuters shared this article on their website about 48 hours in the Twin Cities and what you should do if you are traveling here. I honestly would suggest very little on their list and I am guessing whoever wrote this did a google search and did not actually come to Minnesota since Potbelly is not open for breakfast during weekends. It is too bad since we have some neat things going on in the Twin Cities.

Dear Mark,

We are all wondering who are these local Reuters correspondents who sent you to these places? You need some new friends in Minnesota.

I know you are catching a lot of flack from us local experts but we hold the Twin Cities very dear to our hearts and we are sick and tired of people telling us that this is not a place they want to visit. I know you tried to make it look great, but telling people about the tornado shelters and the ‘tram’ does not put the city in the greatest light. Can we really blame you for some bad advice from your correspondents? No.

I am sorry to tell you that you missed out on the best that the Twin Cities has to offer.

This 48 hour itinerary is what I would love to do if I were coming here to visit.

Here is what you missed:


5 p.m.- Head right on over to the W hotel in Minneapolis. It is located in the historic Foshay Tower. See if you can find the speak-easy bar.

7 p.m.-Go to the Smack Shack in the warehouse district and spend the night checking out the Marvel Bar and other hot spots in the area. It is the newest up and coming food scene in Minneapolis.

9 p.m.-If you are into music we have First Avenue, the Dakota Jazz Club, and many other places you can hear a good set.



9 a.m.-  Hells Kitchen is right by the W Hotel and has some awesome lemon ricotta pancakes.

10:30 a.m.- If you want to get some exercise Core Power Yoga is doing morning classes at Lake Calhoun during the summer for free.

11:30 a.m.-Take a walk around Lake Calhoun or Minnehaha Falls. If you are really adventurous take a bike ride with Nice Ride bikes that are located all over the city.

1:00pm-Eat lunch at one of the outdoor restaurants such as the newly opened Sandcastle or Sea Salt Eatery.

2:00 p.m. -If you really want to go to the MOA, I guess you could go there. It is a really big mall. I think the Mall of America is a whole day event and if you only have 48 hours here with good weather this would not be my first choice.

Instead you should go to the Como Zoo and Conservatory to see the new bonsai garden and gorilla forest. If you are looking to go shopping head to Grand Avenue in Saint Paul.

4:00 p.m.- Fulton Tap Room and eating from a food truck. Located near Target Field this is a must go to place before the big game.

6 p.m.- Walk over to the game. Find the AZ Canteen booth and get a burger.  Then pick up a Surly beer.

10 p.m.- After the game and when you have digested a little bit walk over to Butcher and The Boar. The beer garden has a wonderful feel and the food is excellent. This place is all about the atmosphere and the meat.


10 a.m.- Breakfast at Lucia’s in Uptown and get whatever is on special. Afterwards walk to one of the local coffee houses and explore Uptown.

1 p.m.- Either head to Secret Beach to enjoy some relaxing time with a good book or walk around historic Saint Paul and snap some photos.

3 p.m.- Grab and go at Cosetta’s in Saint Paul.

I would love if you would come to Minnesota and try some of the items on my list and tell me if you had a good time. I can guarantee that you will. (Reuters you should send him back with the company credit card and this awesome list)

because if you have 48 hours in Minnesota you should do what the locals do


What advice do you give someone who is coming to the Twin Cities and only has 48 hours to explore?

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